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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 198
Players: 1,396
Villages: 12,616
Population: 7,686,513
Last updated: 25-03-2012
Server started: 21-10-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 18-Mard. 25-Margrowthgrowth in %
BadBoy 1 DJ.Tavo LhgBlood79779700.00%
Aldeasatelite.2 EL JULIO CESAR LhgBlood111100.00%
Aldea menor EL JULIO CESAR LhgBlood68768700.00%
Aldeasatelite.1 EL JULIO CESAR LhgBlood18318300.00%
Aldea menos nueva EL JULIO CESAR LhgBlood48548500.00%
Aldea nueva EL JULIO CESAR LhgBlood31331300.00%
Aldea media EL JULIO CESAR LhgBlood81981900.00%
Aldea Mayor EL JULIO CESAR LhgBlood69169100.00%
Capadocia villa gala LhgBlood13813800.00%
Legión XIII villa gala LhgBlood35135100.00%
Renacer villa gala LhgBlood45845800.00%
Caluzopolis X Calu LhgBlood67467400.00%
Caluzopolis XII Calu LhgBlood55955900.00%
Caluzopolis XI Calu LhgBlood66866800.00%
Caluzopolis V Calu LhgBlood68368300.00%
Caluzopolis VI Calu LhgBlood68368300.00%
Caluzopolis VII Calu LhgBlood96696600.00%
Caluzopolis III Calu LhgBlood66766700.00%
Caluzopolis VIII Calu LhgBlood68368300.00%
Caluzopolis IV Calu LhgBlood67867800.00%
Caluzopolis II Calu LhgBlood66766700.00%
Caluzopolis Calu LhgBlood80680600.00%
[02]RuE de pAradiSe mauris120 LhgBlood62162100.00%
[03] mauris120 LhgBlood35035000.00%
[04] mauris120 LhgBlood34834800.00%
[01]The Imperium mauris120 LhgBlood16516500.00%
[BACUSK] Legionario00001 [TAP]25025000.00%
static itzhak ^HeLiOs^585800.00%
void() itzhak ^HeLiOs^474700.00%
StringTokenizer itzhak ^HeLiOs^39839800.00%
ArrayList itzhak ^HeLiOs^13613600.00%
BufferedReader itzhak ^HeLiOs^46946900.00%
main() itzhak ^HeLiOs^90790700.00%
Umbrella german05 ^HeLiOs^60460400.00%
Triunfadores blas49 libre57857800.00%
Konoha Juanc El Halco36436400.00%
MIZAR JRDB ZEUS38138100.00%
Bebé Aneli KGBctra51351300.00%
Zul Maraud Vlaew W.O.P555500.00%
Zul Galak Vlaew W.O.P16416400.00%
Zul Qiraj Vlaew W.O.P35135100.00%
Zul Vlark Vlaew W.O.P64664600.00%
Aldea de codama codama2 +BDNOR+61361300.00%
Aldea nueva codama2 +BDNOR+35735700.00%
angelovsky:el num 10 angelovski619 ACM1PT34334300.00%
Obelix Reload MDQ II Ale_MDQ Obelix10710700.00%
Obelix Reload MDQ Ale_MDQ Obelix64764700.00%
Pitlamuerte [#0] Pitlamuerte =UK=31731700.00%
castawish4 castawish Castawis19319300.00%