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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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25-May Temmyabnorge shouted:
Jens, Oelk, Jorn and Farmon Trinidad and tobago

25-May Marlogritalf shouted:
Marus, Ayitos, Altus and Elber Malaysia

25-May Nemrokmaisa shouted:
Julio, Olivier, Mirzo and Will Colombia

25-May JustinDat shouted:
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25-May Yasminkneettirm shouted:
Leif, Gancka, Jerek and Dudley Tunisia

Server statistics

Alliances 176
Players: 1,549
Villages: 16,754
Population: 10,753,008
Last updated: 16-03-2011
Server started: 30-03-2010
Info from Period:
PlayerAllianced. 09-Mard. 16-Margrowthgrowth in %
apu MB1100.00%
Larala -TNZ-2200.00%
Ein -TNZ-3300.00%
jodita GoD4400.00%
Lunatico -TNZ-5500.00%
Caro -TNZ-6600.00%
Davidorf -TNZ-7700.00%
Anarquia05 GoD8800.00%
Kaboose -TNZ-9900.00%
Los 300 PunKKaos101000.00%
fredymam Barrabra111100.00%
La Pirata [GoD]121200.00%
abotigre -TNZ-131300.00%
Crixio = GOD =141400.00%
OGRO -TNZ-151500.00%
PARACAS -TNZ-161600.00%
PicaPiedras PunKKaos171700.00%
popmundo -TNZ-181800.00%
Taniush D PKP191900.00%
TITAN Nazón R202000.00%
romeo y julieta KaoS!212100.00%
Herian B.S.G.222200.00%
Pantera Grosa NazGoD232300.00%
kouga MB242400.00%
tolll PKP252500.00%
-DioS- -PKP-262600.00%
Travianholicos *PKP*272700.00%
Liber. Barrabra282800.00%
waldrich PunKKaos292900.00%
inFANTAlimon MB303000.00%
Les Mechants GoD313100.00%
Pepet MB323200.00%
Uruks Hai [PKP]333300.00%
Sebastian1 -TNZ-343400.00%
Bokke MB353500.00%
BlackHead [GoD]363600.00%
eiffell TNZ 6373700.00%
waldo914 Nazón C383800.00%
WazzO TNZ 4393900.00%
The Crows ~Death~404000.00%
xuster -TNZ-414100.00%
U.u -TNZ-424200.00%
GinTonic! MB434300.00%
Akroma PKP444400.00%
Aledis (Nazón)454500.00%
Triskelion PunKKaos464600.00%
ReDHoT [PKP]474700.00%
PIRATA Barahun484800.00%
Balian PunKKaos494900.00%
Aedibus&Urko -TNZ-505000.00%