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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Настоящий перманент и микроблейдинг бровей

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Hello i am here

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Server statistics

Alliances 69
Players: 535
Villages: 5,093
Population: 3,244,594
Last updated: 19-09-2011
Server started: 14-10-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 12-Sepd. 19-Sepgrowthgrowth in %
T-side Marells Stal&IRS75175100.00%
GM Marells Stal&IRS66266200.00%
ST-side Marells Stal&IRS90090000.00%
Banāns Fruitsandnuts Stal&IRS58158100.00%
APELSĪNS Fruitsandnuts Stal&IRS78678600.00%
Firzika Fruitsandnuts Stal&IRS979700.00%
Citrons Fruitsandnuts Stal&IRS46646600.00%
Kumāri $-09 Karluha007 Stal&IRS63563500.00%
Kumāri $-13 Karluha007 Stal&IRS33233200.00%
Kumāri $-05 Karluha007 Stal&IRS78878800.00%
Kumāri $-14 Karluha007 Stal&IRS18518500.00%
Kumāri $-12 Karluha007 Stal&IRS39539500.00%
Kumāri $-11 Karluha007 Stal&IRS55455400.00%
Kumāri $-10 Karluha007 Stal&IRS59359300.00%
Kumāri $-02 Karluha007 Stal&IRS83883800.00%
. Karluha007 Stal&IRS1013101300.00%
Kumāri $-15 Karluha007 Stal&IRS595900.00%
Kumāri $-01 Karluha007 Stal&IRS94194100.00%
Kumāri $-16 Karluha007 Stal&IRS626200.00%
Kumāri $-08 Karluha007 Stal&IRS66366300.00%
Kumāri $-06 Karluha007 Stal&IRS72272200.00%
Kumāri $-07 Karluha007 Stal&IRS74074000.00%
Kumāri $-00 Karluha007 Stal&IRS74974900.00%
Kumāri $-03 Karluha007 Stal&IRS80080000.00%
A-ciems Default Stal&IRS87987900.00%
Konstantinapole Default Stal&IRS1144114400.00%
HORN2 Default Stal&IRS85285200.00%
HORN1 Default Stal&IRS80780700.00%
-Demobil1- Default Stal&IRS75675600.00%
HORN4 Default Stal&IRS49749700.00%
-Demobil5- Default Stal&IRS62762700.00%
HORN3 Default Stal&IRS75375300.00%
. ZS27 Stal&IRS67167100.00%
. ZS27 Stal&IRS71471400.00%
. ZS27 Stal&IRS80880800.00%
ZS1 ZS27 Stal&IRS80680600.00%
. ZS27 Stal&IRS77277200.00%
. ZS27 Stal&IRS81381300.00%
. ZS27 Stal&IRS80680600.00%
Johaidī vēl viens :) ZS27 Stal&IRS252500.00%
. ZS27 Stal&IRS85385300.00%
ZV ZS27 Stal&IRS59859800.00%
ZY ZS27 Stal&IRS45945900.00%
ZX ZS27 Stal&IRS52052000.00%
. ZS27 Stal&IRS81881800.00%
ZZ ZS27 Stal&IRS32232200.00%
ZT ZS27 Stal&IRS63463400.00%
Pēdējais ZS27 Stal&IRS24224200.00%
ZS3 ZS27 Stal&IRS80080000.00%
ZS2 ZS27 Stal&IRS86586500.00%