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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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20-Oct Akraborzole shouted:
Hjalte, Marus, Knut and Potros Honduras

20-Oct AyitosBron shouted:
Saturas, Jorn, Gelford and Sulfock Turks and caicos islands

20-Oct OliaBUS shouted:
Абай Камалов разрабатывает уникальные программные разработки

20-Oct MirzoPata shouted:
Vigo, Jesper, Ortega and Vak Comoros

20-Oct PatrickJes shouted:
Блюда для диеты

Server statistics

Alliances 69
Players: 535
Villages: 5,093
Population: 3,244,594
Last updated: 19-09-2011
Server started: 14-10-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 12-Sepd. 19-Sepgrowthgrowth in %
Fazenda IRS1405140500.00%
ALFA TM Shlesers IRS1344134400.00%
@ Club zaljums IRS-T1308130800.00%
zalais sausais Stal&IRS1277127700.00%
Raivo1ciems raivo1 Cerbers@1248124800.00%
Zemgaļi A H IRS-T1245124500.00%
Ciems vanagacs BALTI1244124400.00%
-=Sector5=- OsamBinLaden Sim21242124200.00%
01R kongo22 Stalker$1221122100.00%
. JODO IRS1208120800.00%
. Anna IRS1197119700.00%
Cerbers dzondzix1196119600.00%
Jautrais ciems ilze5 BALTI1184118400.00%
f f-f Cerbers@1177117700.00%
. RRR IRS1177117700.00%
$tameriena ugons SimCity1171117100.00%
aku-aku okidoki WildWolf1167116700.00%
۩๑Phoenix๑۩ The Pain Cerbers@1164116400.00%
~1~ Krikums SimCity1162116200.00%
Stalker$ vinciks Stalker$1159115900.00%
(.) geca IRS-T1157115700.00%
Sintramorgana Morgana Sim-deff1154115400.00%
. Shparagas CerbersD1154115400.00%
g Cruel Melody lauminas1153115300.00%
. Marells Stal&IRS1151115100.00%
. Salvadors Stalker$1149114900.00%
AJ004 Anjuta THRE1149114900.00%
. da4nik13 IRS1148114800.00%
marss varis IRS1145114500.00%
Konstantinapole Default Stal&IRS1144114400.00%
Respect SimCity1144114400.00%
. Teodors THRE1143114300.00%
Jaunciems IRS1134113400.00%
Mangaļsala IRS1133113300.00%
Zemgaļi1 laurent86 BALTI1132113200.00%
pipsis Respect SimCity1131113100.00%
LASIS trusis313 IRS1130113000.00%
. trakais990 IRS1129112900.00%
. karla Stalker$1128112800.00%
meadowlands meadow1127112700.00%
Kalnieši Dzuse THRE1125112500.00%
Sarkangalvite Kinslayer CerbersP1124112400.00%
Ļoļa artursd Stalker$1124112400.00%
. montix IRS1120112000.00%
. Kiparzs IRS-T1120112000.00%
Super Mario 02 Super Mario IRS-T1119111900.00%
. Freija IRS1105110500.00%
Cirks Ampelmanis SimCity1104110400.00%
GP dainiels Sim21103110300.00%
-02- Akmens IRS1100110000.00%