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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 214
Players: 1,603
Villages: 15,227
Population: 9,738,475
Last updated: 28-03-2012
Server started: 10-02-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 21-Mard. 28-Margrowthgrowth in %
Pavasaris4 Arnoldas ®@RISE76276200.00%
Pavasaris94 Arnoldas ®@RISE60060000.00%
Pavasaris9 Arnoldas ®@RISE60060000.00%
Pavasaris2 Arnoldas ®@RISE1354135400.00%
Jopt 13 Jopt ®@RISE74274200.00%
Jopt 08 Jopt ®@RISE66266200.00%
Jopt 05 Jopt ®@RISE75175100.00%
Rise Jopt ®@RISE96396300.00%
Jopt 20 Jopt ®@RISE73573500.00%
Jopt 18 Jopt ®@RISE71171100.00%
Jopt 17 Jopt ®@RISE77377300.00%
Jopt 19 Jopt ®@RISE66366300.00%
Jopt 09 Jopt ®@RISE71871800.00%
Jopt 11 Jopt ®@RISE74474400.00%
Jopt 12 Jopt ®@RISE74174100.00%
Jopt 10 Jopt ®@RISE78478400.00%
Jopt 15 Jopt ®@RISE97097000.00%
Jopt 14 Jopt ®@RISE73473400.00%
Jopt 22 Jopt ®@RISE67967900.00%
Jopt 31 Jopt ®@RISE18518500.00%
Jopt 29 Jopt ®@RISE28628600.00%
Jopt 27 Jopt ®@RISE39139100.00%
Jopt 26 Jopt ®@RISE56456400.00%
Jopt 21 Jopt ®@RISE64064000.00%
Jopt 35 Jopt ®@RISE383800.00%
Jopt 33 Jopt ®@RISE19419400.00%
Jopt 30 Jopt ®@RISE20420400.00%
Jopt 32 Jopt ®@RISE19019000.00%
Jopt 34 Jopt ®@RISE353500.00%
Jopt 28 Jopt ®@RISE27927900.00%
Jopt 24 Jopt ®@RISE65265200.00%
Jopt 25 Jopt ®@RISE68568500.00%
Jopt 23 Jopt ®@RISE70570500.00%
Jopt 03 Jopt ®@RISE72972900.00%
Jopt 07 Jopt ®@RISE51451400.00%
Jopt 06 Jopt ®@RISE73373300.00%
Jopt 16 Jopt ®@RISE73773700.00%
Jopt 04 Jopt ®@RISE85485400.00%
BASTIRKÖY2 salera Ottom@n39139100.00%
CAN YEDİ2 salera Ottom@n27827800.00%
CAN YEDİ3 salera Ottom@n30330300.00%
SAV7 salera Ottom@n58358300.00%
SAV6 salera Ottom@n49849800.00%
SAV5 salera Ottom@n23523500.00%
YATIRIM salera Ottom@n53853800.00%
BASTIRKÖY salera Ottom@n57557500.00%
CAN DOKUZ2 salera Ottom@n59759700.00%
SAV3 salera Ottom@n73873800.00%
SAV2 salera Ottom@n79679600.00%
YATIRIM2 salera Ottom@n55155100.00%