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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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22-Sep ZarkosNuh shouted:
Vandorn, Jens, Sancho and Ernesto Virgin islands, british

22-Sep OelkWew shouted:
Lukjan, Murat, Bengerd and Grompel Togo

22-Sep reginahog shouted:
Regina Hogan chooses Isaconference2013 Company

22-Sep QuadirMr shouted:
Hengley, Saturas, Onatas and Marus Guinea-bissau

22-Sep Rasulkl shouted:
Fadi, Hassan, Narkam and Dawson Solomon islands

Server statistics

Alliances 541
Players: 3,169
Villages: 17,606
Population: 10,859,917
Last updated: 08-06-2010
Server started: 01-01-0001
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 01-Jund. 08-Jungrowthgrowth in %
Vaškai origami KOLERA.72872800.00%
Akukaračia 2 origami KOLERA.64064000.00%
pirtis origami KOLERA.64964900.00%
(1) Evaldaszz origami KOLERA.82282200.00%
Alvitas origami KOLERA.91191100.00%
. origami KOLERA.94294200.00%
Nauja gyvenvietė origami KOLERA.616100.00%
Nauja gyvenvietė origami KOLERA.23423400.00%
:) origami KOLERA.90090000.00%
saint-malo origami KOLERA.87787700.00%
Libertatija origami KOLERA.98298200.00%
Insane origami KOLERA.94694600.00%
Mauzerio rojus origami KOLERA.86286200.00%
malaka origami KOLERA.68468400.00%
Insane origami KOLERA.96196100.00%
Dawgie credenda KOLERA.69169100.00%
Mellow Yellow credenda KOLERA.81181100.00%
The Gummy Bear credenda KOLERA.76676600.00%
Cubeez credenda KOLERA.53453400.00%
makka pakka credenda KOLERA.72972900.00%
Bananas in Pajamas credenda KOLERA.71371300.00%
Rubbadubbers credenda KOLERA.68668600.00%
Ninky Nonk credenda KOLERA.78778700.00%
Galinha Pintadinha credenda KOLERA.53553500.00%
Razzledazzle credenda KOLERA.84184100.00%
iggle piggle credenda KOLERA.79179100.00%
Mama Mirabelle credenda KOLERA.77077000.00%
Upsy Daisy credenda KOLERA.1136113600.00%
Insane Andzelina KOLERA.1091109100.00%
Pikantika Andzelina KOLERA.17917900.00%
Milka Andzelina KOLERA.65765700.00%
Insane Andzelina KOLERA.78478400.00%
Insane Andzelina KOLERA.84484400.00%
Insane Andzelina KOLERA.92492400.00%
Klaipeda Danzel KOLERA.79279200.00%
Panevezys Danzel KOLERA.66266200.00%
Vilnius Danzel KOLERA.82482400.00%
Nauja gyvenvietė Danzel KOLERA.16216200.00%
Kaunas Danzel KOLERA.86986900.00%
VTI missplaneta KOLERA.52052000.00%
EK9 missplaneta KOLERA.52352300.00%
Ek4 missplaneta KOLERA.61661600.00%
Ek3 missplaneta KOLERA.50850800.00%
EJ8 missplaneta KOLERA.48748700.00%
EG9 missplaneta KOLERA.38038000.00%
EG5 missplaneta KOLERA.36636600.00%
Fog missplaneta KOLERA.87387300.00%
EG6 missplaneta KOLERA.42742700.00%
Z6 missplaneta KOLERA.76776700.00%
D15 missplaneta KOLERA.58558500.00%