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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 88
Players: 477
Villages: 1,911
Population: 1,041,285
Last updated: 18-04-2012
Server started: 25-05-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 11-Aprd. 18-Aprgrowthgrowth in %
1.Elinga Gravedigger T.B.™ K.1300130000.00%
audii2 dainius TBK™1255125500.00%
Aitvaras. TBK ;] chadas1216121600.00%
.TBK BEPROTIS speed-freak TBK™1210121000.00%
02 Baner T.B.™ K.1157115700.00%
Donatas/sostinė donatas1126112600.00%
batakis batakis T.B.™ K.1119111900.00%
4.T taskas T.B.™ K.1116111600.00%
1. AFGANAS donce1111 T.B.™ K.1115111500.00%
Palanga kabarkst T.B.™ K.1113111300.00%
vm* valkata T.B.™ K.1110111000.00%
1. Gūžta kranklys T.B.™ K.1106110600.00%
echo echo T.B.™ K.1104110400.00%
samogitian samogitian T.B.™ K.1100110000.00%
BOOM usenai T.B.™ K.1095109500.00%
Berlin qrmis TBK™1071107100.00%
BOOM cyzas T.B.™ K.1070107000.00%
[01] Slimas Slimas T.B.™ K.1068106800.00%
sostinė powwerrr UMBRELLA1065106500.00%
01 Baner T.B.™ K.1064106400.00%
x7 cyzas T.B.™ K.1064106400.00%
TBK BEPROTIS gabrioskinas TBK™1063106300.00%
x5 cyzas T.B.™ K.1052105200.00%
v...skyle valkata T.B.™ K.1050105000.00%
TBK BEPROTIS nimfa TBK™1042104200.00%
001Horas Dakota T.B.™ K.1040104000.00%
sarka Nulis T.B.™ K.1040104000.00%
BOOM Sampanas T.B.™ K.1039103900.00%
08 Baner T.B.™ K.1039103900.00%
H1-5 Dalius T.B.™ K.1039103900.00%
x9 cyzas T.B.™ K.1039103900.00%
USĖNAI usenai T.B.™ K.1038103800.00%
BOOM Vardas T.B.™ K.1038103800.00%
PRARAJA usenai T.B.™ K.1037103700.00%
05 Baner T.B.™ K.1036103600.00%
x11 cyzas T.B.™ K.1035103500.00%
x3 cyzas T.B.™ K.1034103400.00%
07 Baner T.B.™ K.1033103300.00%
BOOM Marijus T.B.™ K.1029102900.00%
KAIMS rolandas T.B.™ K.1029102900.00%
Tauro apygarda llks T.B.™ K.1028102800.00%
06 Baner T.B.™ K.1028102800.00%
[00] JOMAJO... mumija T.B.™ K.1027102700.00%
Cyzas cyzas T.B.™ K.1026102600.00%
6 fortas ciornis TBK™1025102500.00%
BOOM senisLTAF T.B.™ K.1024102400.00%
H1-1 Dalius T.B.™ K.1022102200.00%
KISS usenai T.B.™ K.1021102100.00%
x2 cyzas T.B.™ K.1021102100.00%
11. Bobbi Starr :) Gravedigger T.B.™ K.1021102100.00%