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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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22-May Gabrielsed shouted:
Грузоперевозки Екатеринбург и Область.Газели

22-May Piterexill shouted:
Electricity saving box

22-May Timothywam shouted:
fraud forum

22-May Seriesbpk shouted:

22-May AlexeybLale shouted:
Anybody home???

Server statistics

Alliances 122
Players: 1,066
Villages: 9,645
Population: 6,357,275
Last updated: 01-03-2012
Server started: 25-11-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 23-Febd. 01-Margrowthgrowth in %
.Kirviai TeacherR KIRVIAI²91991900.00%
Ariogala (ex AK47) TeacherR KIRVIAI²80280200.00%
F evaldas KIRVIAI²68968900.00%
H evaldas KIRVIAI²51951900.00%
K evaldas KIRVIAI²14414400.00%
Nauja gyvenvietė evaldas KIRVIAI²12412400.00%
I evaldas KIRVIAI²43043000.00%
J evaldas KIRVIAI²39539500.00%
G evaldas KIRVIAI²60260200.00%
C evaldas KIRVIAI²79879800.00%
D evaldas KIRVIAI²79579500.00%
E evaldas KIRVIAI²78978900.00%
B evaldas KIRVIAI²72172100.00%
Bruklinas dziuzeepe ZEM-SM67167100.00%
Molynas dziuzeepe ZEM-SM36636600.00%
Grudkaimis dziuzeepe ZEM-SM55555500.00%
XXX3Z dziuzeepe ZEM-SM61661600.00%
Naujamiestis dziuzeepe ZEM-SM70070000.00%
Nauja gyvenvietė dziuzeepe ZEM-SM64764700.00%
Pergales kolukis dziuzeepe ZEM-SM48648600.00%
Fontanija dziuzeepe ZEM-SM69669600.00%
Uzmiestis dziuzeepe ZEM-SM62062000.00%
Grudmiestis dziuzeepe ZEM-SM83783700.00%
TiTanas dziuzeepe ZEM-SM70270200.00%
Centriukas dziuzeepe ZEM-SM81781700.00%
Kalnapilis dziuzeepe ZEM-SM68168100.00%
Nerkaimis dziuzeepe ZEM-SM59359300.00%
Nauja gyvenvietė Busdar ZEM-SM10510500.00%
BUS6. Busdar ZEM-SM57857800.00%
BUS7. Busdar ZEM-SM54154100.00%
BUS8. Busdar ZEM-SM54654600.00%
BUS9. Busdar ZEM-SM36336300.00%
BUS5. Busdar ZEM-SM62462400.00%
BUS4. Busdar ZEM-SM70570500.00%
BUS2. Busdar ZEM-SM84684600.00%
12. Diana ZEM-SM51651600.00%
06 Diana ZEM-SM68068000.00%
03 Diana ZEM-SM76576500.00%
SMUGIS Diana ZEM-SM82682600.00%
05 Diana ZEM-SM73173100.00%
07 Diana ZEM-SM74274200.00%
14. Diana ZEM-SM29229200.00%
13. Diana ZEM-SM43743700.00%
15. Diana ZEM-SM17017000.00%
01 Diana ZEM-SM18418400.00%
SMUGIS Diana ZEM-SM73773700.00%
11. Diana ZEM-SM46146100.00%
10. Diana ZEM-SM65865800.00%
08. Diana ZEM-SM80180100.00%
09. Diana ZEM-SM75675600.00%