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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 56
Players: 288
Villages: 6,980
Population: 4,618,393
Last updated: 18-04-2012
Server started: 13-12-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 11-Aprd. 18-Aprgrowthgrowth in %
m-14 marigang ANA8993-896-99.67%
m-15 marigang ANA7462-744-99.73%
m-05 marigang ANA1050361-689-65.62%
ks(勝利者の塔)(^Д^)9m fan NNK1038549-489-47.11%
m-03 marigang ANA1050644-406-38.67%
01: kilio NNK1104783-321-29.08%
m-21 marigang ANA2942-292-99.32%
dbz 57 スノ dbz3 NNK765474-291-38.04%
dbz 53 カッパー将軍 dbz3 NNK756465-291-38.49%
m-20 marigang ANA424140-284-66.98%
fanさん(勝利者)の首都 fan NNK719442-277-38.53%
..dbz 0 カメハウス dbz3 NNK858602-256-29.84%
dbz 44 バビディ dbz3 NNK815561-254-31.17%
dbz 0 ナメック星 dbz3 NNK850600-250-29.41%
dbz 26 神様 dbz3 NNK829582-247-29.79%
dbz 22 ブリーフ dbz3 NNK794547-247-31.11%
dbz 02 ベジータ dbz3 NNK843596-247-29.30%
dbz 25 カリン dbz3 NNK797551-246-30.87%
fanさん(勝利者)の設計図 fan NNK582336-246-42.27%
m-10 marigang ANA1014771-243-23.96%
dbz 48 プイプイ dbz3 NNK828586-242-29.23%
dbz 18 ウーロン dbz3 NNK817576-241-29.50%
dbz 09 天津飯 dbz3 NNK822581-241-29.32%
dbz 11 ヤジロベー dbz3 NNK817576-241-29.50%
dbz 08 クリリン dbz3 NNK812571-241-29.68%
dbz 2a 閻魔大王 dbz3 NNK814573-241-29.61%
dbz 06 ピッコロ dbz3 NNK817576-241-29.50%
dbz 05 孫悟天 dbz3 NNK817576-241-29.50%
dbz 07 武天老師 dbz3 NNK822581-241-29.32%
dbz 0c リクーム dbz3 NNK817576-241-29.50%
dbz 0e フリーザ dbz3 NNK812571-241-29.68%
dbz 0d ギニュー dbz3 NNK812571-241-29.68%
dbz 19 キュイ dbz3 NNK817576-241-29.50%
dbz 1a ザーボン dbz3 NNK812571-241-29.68%
dbz 1b ドドリア dbz3 NNK817576-241-29.50%
dbz 1c グルド dbz3 NNK817576-241-29.50%
dbz 1d バータ dbz3 NNK822581-241-29.32%
dbz 13 チチ村 dbz3 NNK812571-241-29.68%
dbz 12 ブルマ dbz3 NNK822581-241-29.32%
dbz 15 牛魔王 dbz3 NNK812571-241-29.68%
dbz 3f バブルス dbz3 NNK815575-240-29.45%
dbz 34 デンデ dbz3 NNK815575-240-29.45%
dbz 2e ポルンガ dbz3 NNK815575-240-29.45%
dbz 23 ランチ dbz3 NNK815575-240-29.45%
dbz 27 ミスターポポ dbz3 NNK815575-240-29.45%
dbz 43 セル dbz3 NNK810570-240-29.63%
dbz 46 スポポビッチ dbz3 NNK810570-240-29.63%
dbz 4a シュウ dbz3 NNK815575-240-29.45%
dbz 4f 人造人間8号 dbz3 NNK810570-240-29.63%
dbz 28 メタリック軍曹 dbz3 NNK815575-240-29.45%