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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 86
Players: 683
Villages: 10,073
Population: 6,740,358
Last updated: 18-04-2012
Server started: 03-01-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 11-Aprd. 18-Aprgrowthgrowth in %
[13]kiku村 K.kiku NANSEI0257557500.00%
[06]kiku村 K.kiku NANSEI0288688600.00%
[12]kiku村 K.kiku NANSEI0267367300.00%
[11]kiku村 K.kiku NANSEI0258158100.00%
[03]kiku村 K.kiku NANSEI0219419400.00%
[15]kiku村 K.kiku NANSEI0232132100.00%
[08]kiku村 K.kiku NANSEI0284984900.00%
[07]kiku村 K.kiku NANSEI0292192100.00%
[16]kiku村 K.kiku NANSEI0221421400.00%
kpTkiku村 K.kiku NANSEI0267467400.00%
[14]kiku村 K.kiku NANSEI0246146100.00%
[09]kiku村 K.kiku NANSEI0277277200.00%
[17]kiku村 K.kiku NANSEI02464600.00%
[05]kiku村 K.kiku NANSEI0289889800.00%
[10]kiku村 K.kiku NANSEI0270370300.00%
[02]kiku村 K.kiku NANSEI0269069000.00%
04 Shirogin NANSEI0282182100.00%
02 Shirogin NANSEI0280180100.00%
09 Shirogin NANSEI0275075000.00%
0C Shirogin NANSEI0267267200.00%
0B Shirogin NANSEI0281581500.00%
06 Shirogin NANSEI0273273200.00%
0E Shirogin NANSEI0270070000.00%
05 Shirogin NANSEI0283083000.00%
0D Shirogin NANSEI0276576500.00%
0A Shirogin NANSEI0274774700.00%
10 Shirogin NANSEI0271671600.00%
11 Shirogin NANSEI0256056000.00%
00 Shirogin NANSEI0294594500.00%
13 Shirogin NANSEI0233833800.00%
12 Shirogin NANSEI0253153100.00%
0F Shirogin NANSEI0268168100.00%
07 Shirogin NANSEI0276776700.00%
14 Shirogin NANSEI02535300.00%
03 Shirogin NANSEI0284584500.00%
01 Shirogin NANSEI0285285200.00%
08 Shirogin NANSEI0268568500.00%
(≡⑫ω⑫≡)@Gentle tiezo NANSEI0256656600.00%
(≡①ω①≡)@Gentle tiezo NANSEI0258558500.00%
(≡⑬ω⑬≡)@Gentle tiezo NANSEI0253153100.00%
(≡⑪ω⑪≡)@Gentle tiezo NANSEI0259359300.00%
(≡⑩ω⑩≡)@Gentle tiezo NANSEI0252652600.00%
(≡⑥ω⑥≡)@Gentle tiezo NANSEI0251951900.00%
(≡●ω●≡)@Gentle tiezo NANSEI0244044000.00%
(≡②ω②≡)@Gentle tiezo NANSEI021048104800.00%
(≡⑤ω⑤≡)@Gentle tiezo NANSEI0258258200.00%
(≡⑨ω⑨≡)@Gentle tiezo NANSEI0251951900.00%
(≡③ω③≡)@Gentle tiezo NANSEI0252752700.00%
(≡⑦ω⑦≡)@Gentle tiezo NANSEI0258358300.00%
(≡④ω④≡)@Gentle tiezo NANSEI0257357300.00%