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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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17-Dec Michaelgen shouted:
fancy web site

17-Dec LEZLIE shouted:
There is an importantoffering for your team.

17-Dec Rolandgar shouted:
Randall, Ramon, Kurt and Fadi Sierra leone

17-Dec ShermanNow shouted:
Rough mature

17-Dec BradleyMeash shouted:
Bandaro, Hernando, Olivier and Musan Eritrea

Server statistics

Alliances 166
Players: 1,375
Villages: 18,676
Population: 12,181,571
Last updated: 12-12-2011
Server started: 29-09-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 05-Decd. 12-Decgrowthgrowth in %
*すずらんの村☆PD sally PanDora29129100.00%
♪雪光の山☆PD sally PanDora31131100.00%
♪鬼光の劔☆PD sally PanDora11411400.00%
*ウォーターリリーの村☆PD sally PanDora979700.00%
♥疾風の青龍☆PD sally PanDora43243200.00%
*さくらの村☆PD sally PanDora46946900.00%
♥春風の草原☆PD sally PanDora73073000.00%
♥神風の社☆PD sally PanDora1030103000.00%
♬光の生まれる湖☆PD sally PanDora1022102200.00%
そのまんま東 sally PanDora80780700.00%
♣時雨の森★PD sally PanDora1031103100.00%
南東のみんなありがとう!たのしかったね! sally PanDora1243124300.00%
むーちょ帝都4☆PD kirimu PanDora63263200.00%
むーちょ城下町3☆PD kirimu PanDora54554500.00%
むーちょキングダム☆PD kirimu PanDora73673600.00%
そのまんま東 kirimu PanDora85785700.00%
むーちょ帝都2☆PD kirimu PanDora81581500.00%
むーちょ帝都12☆PD kirimu PanDora49349300.00%
むーちょ帝都5☆PD kirimu PanDora75175100.00%
むーちょ帝都8☆PD kirimu PanDora55555500.00%
むーちょ帝都3☆PD kirimu PanDora79679600.00%
そのまんま東 kirimu PanDora91091000.00%
むーちょ帝都10☆PD kirimu PanDora66166100.00%
むーちょ帝都7☆PD kirimu PanDora70170100.00%
むーちょ要塞3☆PD kirimu PanDora35235200.00%
むーちょ要塞1☆PD kirimu PanDora53453400.00%
むーちょ帝都9☆PD kirimu PanDora66766700.00%
むーちょ城下町2☆PD kirimu PanDora63663600.00%
むーちょ要塞6☆PD kirimu PanDora525200.00%
むーちょ要塞2☆PD kirimu PanDora46346300.00%
むーちょ要塞4☆PD kirimu PanDora17717700.00%
むーちょ帝都11☆PD kirimu PanDora59559500.00%
むーちょ要塞5☆PD kirimu PanDora898900.00%
そのまんま東 kirimu PanDora89889800.00%
むーちょ村☆PD kirimu PanDora99499400.00%
むーちょ大帝国☆PD kirimu PanDora82282200.00%
ピーマン村☆PD yamamoto PanDora54854800.00%
ダイコン村☆PD yamamoto PanDora65665600.00%
ニンジン村☆PD yamamoto PanDora83083000.00%
タマネギ村☆PD yamamoto PanDora60060000.00%
ハクサイ村☆PD yamamoto PanDora46446400.00%
ブロッコリー村☆PD yamamoto PanDora16616600.00%
アスパラガス村☆PD yamamoto PanDora69969900.00%
新しい村 yamamoto PanDora262600.00%
セロリ村☆PD yamamoto PanDora38738700.00%
トマト村☆PD yamamoto PanDora93693600.00%
レタス村☆PD yamamoto PanDora69069000.00%
キャベツ村☆PD yamamoto PanDora93793700.00%
17_オール常磐@やきう FUSO K yakyu-ch26926900.00%
19_林友@やきう FUSO K yakyu-ch11511500.00%