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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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21-Aug RaymondWaw shouted:

21-Aug Hatlodbemi shouted:
Kurt, Gnar, Snorre and Karlen South africa

21-Aug VakOa shouted:
Mortis, Tuwas, Ugolf and Murak Somalia

21-Aug LiskRalt shouted:
Kelvin, Tufail, Daryl and Hengley Philippines

21-Aug Rathgarcig shouted:
Ilja, Folleck, Hanson and Steve El salvador

Server statistics

Alliances 278
Players: 3,124
Villages: 47,238
Population: 31,909,466
Last updated: 05-07-2011
Server started: 10-02-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 28-Jund. 05-Julgrowthgrowth in %
.12 SIAMO NOI. IL CONTE MAGNO Bandits73673600.00%
.25 CATTIVIK. IL CONTE MAGNO Bandits83683600.00%
1 URUK-HAI jefe SARQINDI61461400.00%
[34]L. AFRODITE Bandits74274200.00%
roby-marco sheik T.i.P1604160400.00%
FMJ-X chicco PlatOOn™84184100.00%
[01] CRIME ILUSION.83583500.00%
[22]T.N.T.Onore bolla V.M. 1896996900.00%
[09]T.N.T.Onore bolla V.M. 1889489400.00%
Tommy village tommy Darkne§§25325300.00%
Yuki teamcharizard APACHE C60460400.00%
10] Psycomazza SmallHit93393300.00%
48.IJN.DDD.Hatakaze Tora Tora GodOfWar98898800.00%
00 Poison [6] Tora Tora GodOfWar70270200.00%
64.IJNPLD Shokaku Tora Tora GodOfWar1017101700.00%
39.IJNDD. Zero Zero Tora Tora GodOfWar1060106000.00%
41 FMJ (1) pld Tora Tora GodOfWar95895800.00%
PENSAVATE DI VINCERE Onuris GodOfWar94594500.00%
B21 Sirc mec The FC™94294200.00%
.Ethlinn worm_ch GodOfWar60660600.00%
22|Martini Rosso iPwn SmallHit1015101500.00%
11|Nun ti fà vidiri© mazzepazze URUK-HAI80880800.00%
12 DURMSTRANG © ARCO Dannati88488400.00%
[27] SuPeR HaZe puttanosauro -X.X.X-83583500.00%
Visuale giuseppe5854254200.00%
V1 KAOS CRAZY75475400.00%
10.© The Red I P3RF1D1! -X.X.X-92792700.00%
14.© Eh già ♫♫ I P3RF1D1! -X.X.X-78578500.00%
01.The Music Village I P3RF1D1! -X.X.X-1166116600.00%
W ITALIA fabioluzzo APACHE C67967900.00%
|00|Mahito Mayoku -XXX-81181100.00%
lucy lucy andrearuspa SmallHit1014101400.00%
.. peppe2112 -X.X.X-75075000.00%
Appia Gaio Flaminio LDS1000100000.00%
1 Stiboide153953900.00%
C bandits 14 33MENDI Bandits72672600.00%
42| Acqua* mazzepazze URUK-HAI88288200.00%
[14]T.N.T.Onore bolla V.M. 1896296200.00%
22.IJNDDD.Ko-hyoteki Tora Tora GodOfWar1032103200.00%
13.Morte Annunciata teutonstyle SmallHit91891800.00%
01.Pedobear teutonstyle SmallHit1024102400.00%
0.1 ZOO DI 105 drugo92 POISON-T78678600.00%
da pazzi barattolino SmallHit1087108700.00%
[8] ViKings Eaglex GodOfWar79079000.00%
[21] cAlIfOrNiA** puttanosauro -X.X.X-73673600.00%
02 IJN.DDD Tora Tora GodOfWar1010101000.00%
B17 Per Celeste mec The FC™1150115000.00%
B16 Bat&Ramon mec The FC™96396300.00%
[11] Grazie Saretta puttanosauro -X.X.X-97397300.00%
05.Conga teutonstyle SmallHit91991900.00%