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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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16-Oct TipplerSn shouted:
Marik, Kasim, Osko and Fadi Netherlands

16-Oct Givessei shouted:
Torn, Zarkos, Pyran and Trompok Comoros

16-Oct BozepSi shouted:
Hjalte, Keldron, Lee and Roland Suriname

16-Oct Kaleschmom shouted:
Jesper, Basir, Ugolf and Olivier Viet nam

16-Oct Roykl shouted:
Vasco, Hector, Murak and Hanson Nauru

Server statistics

Alliances 278
Players: 3,124
Villages: 47,238
Population: 31,909,466
Last updated: 05-07-2011
Server started: 10-02-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 28-Jund. 05-Julgrowthgrowth in %
11,pippo pippolandia61 SARQINDI88288200.00%
23,pippo pippolandia61 SARQINDI74474400.00%
19,pippo pippolandia61 SARQINDI85785700.00%
28,pippo pippolandia61 SARQINDI48548500.00%
29,pippo pippolandia61 SARQINDI36136100.00%
26,pippo pippolandia61 SARQINDI67967900.00%
22,pippo pippolandia61 SARQINDI81081000.00%
21,pippo pippolandia61 SARQINDI84284200.00%
24,pippo pippolandia61 SARQINDI72572500.00%
27,pippo pippolandia61 SARQINDI60260200.00%
30.pippo pippolandia61 SARQINDI12712700.00%
31.pippo pippolandia61 SARQINDI12812800.00%
07,pippo pippolandia61 SARQINDI93693600.00%
03,pippo pippolandia61 SARQINDI90790700.00%
02,pippo pippolandia61 SARQINDI88688600.00%
PIPPO pippolandia61 SARQINDI87187100.00%
01,pippo pippolandia61 SARQINDI89689600.00%
baia gianna SARQINDI12812800.00%
Nuovo villaggio gianna SARQINDI797900.00%
pozzuoli gianna SARQINDI16116100.00%
vomero gianna SARQINDI34534500.00%
virgiliano gianna SARQINDI56456400.00%
posillipo gianna SARQINDI69969900.00%
Nuovo villaggio gianna SARQINDI666600.00%
capodimonte gianna SARQINDI46246200.00%
Nuovo villaggio gianna SARQINDI292900.00%
solfatara gianna SARQINDI24024000.00%
sibilla gianna SARQINDI81281200.00%
agnano gianna SARQINDI60260200.00%
bauli gianna SARQINDI81181100.00%
napoli gianna SARQINDI95695600.00%
3 URUK-HAI jefe SARQINDI13513500.00%
2 URUK-HAI jefe SARQINDI51251200.00%
1 URUK-HAI jefe SARQINDI61461400.00%
Aquarius ZODIAKOS SARQINDI1165116500.00%
Virgo ZODIAKOS SARQINDI62162100.00%
Capricornus ZODIAKOS SARQINDI80380300.00%
Gemini ZODIAKOS SARQINDI65865800.00%
Libra ZODIAKOS SARQINDI62962900.00%
Piscis ZODIAKOS SARQINDI67767700.00%
Trascendente ZODIAKOS SARQINDI45845800.00%
Discendente ZODIAKOS SARQINDI63463400.00%
Sagittarius ZODIAKOS SARQINDI68868800.00%
Ascendente ZODIAKOS SARQINDI70070000.00%
1ProMera ZODIAKOS SARQINDI30830800.00%
2ProMera ZODIAKOS SARQINDI28428400.00%
Nuovo villaggio ZODIAKOS SARQINDI2200.00%
Nuovo villaggio ZODIAKOS SARQINDI2200.00%
Scorpio ZODIAKOS SARQINDI61261200.00%