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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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19-Dec KillianBabenty shouted:
Finley, Goran, Gunock and Boss Bolivia

19-Dec Varekdiriugs shouted:
Peer, Konrad, Gnar and Chenor Antigua and barbuda

19-Dec AbbasANARA shouted:
Mojok, Torn, Yussuf and Redge Burkina faso

19-Dec KliffCon shouted:
Basir, Ballock, Ugo and Merdarion Rwanda

19-Dec Killianfum shouted:
Julio, Vatras, Thorus and Lester Hungary

Server statistics

Alliances 61
Players: 835
Villages: 11,076
Population: 7,433,497
Last updated: 18-04-2012
Server started: 05-05-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 11-Aprd. 18-Aprgrowthgrowth in %
[19] Idaho Campo86 GAMEOVER83183100.00%
13 perdono GAMEOVER81081000.00%
[06] Alaska Campo86 GAMEOVER78578500.00%
[15] Illinois Campo86 GAMEOVER84284200.00%
Al Mahad - المعهد ganjalbero GAMEOVER84184100.00%
[14] Tennessee Campo86 GAMEOVER80980900.00%
Apollo Iani GAMEOVER55255200.00%
07ApocalypseNow perdono GAMEOVER76476400.00%
[18] New Jersey Campo86 GAMEOVER82282200.00%
. town GAMEOVER82282200.00%
12 perdono GAMEOVER63363300.00%
[05] Mississippi Campo86 GAMEOVER78778700.00%
Springfield 7gianpi6 GAMEOVER99899800.00%
Zeus Iani GAMEOVER57857800.00%
01PointBreak perdono GAMEOVER84784700.00%
X JARI town GAMEOVER90590500.00%
[10] Michigan Campo86 GAMEOVER62162100.00%
Ares Iani GAMEOVER97997900.00%
[20] Montana Campo86 GAMEOVER51051000.00%
[03] Ohio Campo86 GAMEOVER58058000.00%
[00] SANGUE&GLORIA Campo86 GAMEOVER84084000.00%
[08] MindWar Campo86 GAMEOVER52652600.00%
Maliksalam vallanzasca GAMEOVER84284200.00%
58 SIC perdono GAMEOVER86486400.00%
[02] Texas Campo86 GAMEOVER91791700.00%
Poseidone Iani GAMEOVER59459400.00%
. town GAMEOVER86486400.00%
[13] Hawaii Campo86 GAMEOVER89889800.00%
[11] Arizona Campo86 GAMEOVER83483400.00%
[17] Las Vegas Campo86 GAMEOVER82982900.00%
PSentiero Over KappaKappa GAMEOVER76776700.00%
03..FakeBaits SolidSnake GAMEOVER77277200.00%
14..Tears SolidSnake GAMEOVER80280200.00%
Alampadino KappaKappa GAMEOVER67467400.00%
aladino KappaKappa GAMEOVER74574500.00%
02..Amnis1 SolidSnake GAMEOVER70970900.00%
Adino KappaKappa GAMEOVER71771700.00%
Apposto stiamo KappaKappa GAMEOVER73373300.00%
15..Ghiri SolidSnake GAMEOVER73173100.00%
12..AppleHead★ SolidSnake GAMEOVER73073000.00%
00..AngelKiss SolidSnake GAMEOVER94294200.00%
06..LaSegunda SolidSnake GAMEOVER78078000.00%
16..tod SolidSnake GAMEOVER65265200.00%
ADE KappaKappa GAMEOVER83283200.00%
09..MaxRap SolidSnake GAMEOVER83383300.00%
(.) (.) KappaKappa GAMEOVER91591500.00%
Orda infernale KappaKappa GAMEOVER1030103000.00%
allampadino KappaKappa GAMEOVER81381300.00%
01..BluesCode SolidSnake GAMEOVER83083000.00%
PSentiero Overk KappaKappa GAMEOVER94494400.00%