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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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21-Oct BradleyTat shouted:
Quantify, pi a swot

21-Oct Jasongap shouted:

21-Oct NemrokFate shouted:
Innostian, Sancho, Garik and Fasim United arab emirates

21-Oct SanfordVuS shouted:
Quadir, Asaru, Tarok and Onatas Andorra

21-Oct KnutPER shouted:
Frithjof, Lukar, Sulfock and Narkam Malta

Server statistics

Alliances 61
Players: 835
Villages: 11,076
Population: 7,433,497
Last updated: 18-04-2012
Server started: 05-05-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 11-Aprd. 18-Aprgrowthgrowth in %
1.02 DODO Astroganga GAMEOVER80380300.00%
1.05 OKAMI Astroganga GAMEOVER95295200.00%
WW.01 RIC.SOUL.ASTRO Astroganga GAMEOVER80880800.00%
3.03 GUERRIEROTEUTON Astroganga GAMEOVER91191100.00%
1.08 2012 Astroganga GAMEOVER777700.00%
WW.06 T.Rex Astroganga GAMEOVER43443400.00%
WW.03 The Hanged Man Astroganga GAMEOVER69169100.00%
WW.04 Dream On Astroganga GAMEOVER65265200.00%
3.01 Game Over Astroganga GAMEOVER67967900.00%
WW.07 χάος Astroganga GAMEOVER34834800.00%
WW.05 PAPYNA Astroganga GAMEOVER54954900.00%
WW.02 MERAMAO Astroganga GAMEOVER62562500.00%
2.04 SANSHIRO Astroganga GAMEOVER76276200.00%
1.03 War? Astroganga GAMEOVER87187100.00%
3.04 SOUL Astroganga GAMEOVER82082000.00%
3.05 PHOBOS Astroganga GAMEOVER86186100.00%
1.07 Kauniita Unia Astroganga GAMEOVER28028000.00%
2.03 NAPO ORSO CAPO Astroganga GAMEOVER93093000.00%
1.06 DEIMOS Astroganga GAMEOVER85385300.00%
1.04 Matamune Astroganga GAMEOVER94294200.00%
3.06 OBERON Astroganga GAMEOVER86586500.00%
1.01 Spirited Away Astroganga GAMEOVER94194100.00%
2.01 ASTROGANGA Astroganga GAMEOVER89989900.00%
13.Christian Cartago Delenda GAMEOVER77077000.00%
09 .тє ℓє ♫♪♫ Cartago Delenda GAMEOVER61061000.00%
12.COT Cartago Delenda GAMEOVER77377300.00%
01.Game Ov3r Cartago Delenda GAMEOVER87787700.00%
03.Pips Cartago Delenda GAMEOVER64064000.00%
16.Panicwood Cartago Delenda GAMEOVER96796700.00%
10.Francesco Cartago Delenda GAMEOVER58158100.00%
04.COT Cartago Delenda GAMEOVER72672600.00%
17.Circus Show Cartago Delenda GAMEOVER71371300.00%
07.Shiro Cartago Delenda GAMEOVER64564500.00%
18.Il Giocoliere Cartago Delenda GAMEOVER67167100.00%
05.Gola Cartago Delenda GAMEOVER72672600.00%
21.Re Cartago Delenda GAMEOVER45145100.00%
19.Inter Cartago Delenda GAMEOVER45845800.00%
11.Maverick Cartago Delenda GAMEOVER58658600.00%
22.? Cartago Delenda GAMEOVER31531500.00%
20.Lazio Cartago Delenda GAMEOVER56256200.00%
14.Elide Cartago Delenda GAMEOVER75475400.00%
08.Davide Cartago Delenda GAMEOVER60760700.00%
Detto da te ahahahah Cartago Delenda GAMEOVER1094109400.00%
06.Mindwar Cartago Delenda GAMEOVER73673600.00%
00 LucianoHalls Cartago Delenda GAMEOVER83783700.00%
15 .Totuccio Cartago Delenda GAMEOVER70170100.00%
marlyn dhalia GAMEOVER45345300.00%
supersexi dhalia GAMEOVER65765700.00%
sexishop dhalia GAMEOVER76576500.00%
surfcastingclub dhalia GAMEOVER83283200.00%