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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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как купить паспорт рф легально

Server statistics

Alliances 159
Players: 2,788
Villages: 43,101
Population: 29,634,111
Last updated: 12-12-2011
Server started: 05-11-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 05-Decd. 12-Decgrowthgrowth in %
Hamal King Gecko *uollas*85985900.00%
Mesarthim King Gecko *uollas*88088000.00%
Toliman King Gecko *uollas*84284200.00%
Nàscira King Gecko *uollas*76276200.00%
Botein King Gecko *uollas*93693600.00%
Vega King Gecko *uollas*90190100.00%
Nuovissimo villaggio King Gecko *uollas*62062000.00%
Nuovo villaggio3 King Gecko *uollas*62262200.00%
Rigel King Gecko *uollas*67667600.00%
Aldebaran King Gecko *uollas*72172100.00%
Pollux King Gecko *uollas*75275200.00%
Nuovo villaggio1 King Gecko *uollas*65565500.00%
Nuovo villaggio2 King Gecko *uollas*62562500.00%
.Nuovo villaggio King Gecko *uollas*31031000.00%
Nuovo villaggio4 King Gecko *uollas*58758700.00%
Nuovo villaggio5 King Gecko *uollas*33833800.00%
Nuovo villaggio6 King Gecko *uollas*19119100.00%
Altair King Gecko *uollas*90590500.00%
Antares King Gecko *uollas*1079107900.00%
Regolo King Gecko *uollas*87087000.00%
Betelgeuse King Gecko *uollas*91191100.00%
[00.] DARK TEAM *uollas*1070107000.00%
[01.]Amdir(ړײ) DARK TEAM *uollas*90990900.00%
[15.] Aя¢нιє Hι¢σx DARK TEAM *uollas*76376300.00%
[12.] мezzσ Fяe∂∂σ™ DARK TEAM *uollas*76676600.00%
[04.]Kindom Herz DARK TEAM *uollas*73973900.00%
[14.] Randagi (ړײ) © DARK TEAM *uollas*75375300.00%
[09.]Scotland Yard DARK TEAM *uollas*70870800.00%
[08.] MI6 DARK TEAM *uollas*72872800.00%
[07.]Delta Force DARK TEAM *uollas*47547500.00%
[11.]*Uollas* DARK TEAM *uollas*76876800.00%
[06.]S.a.s. DARK TEAM *uollas*69369300.00%
[23.]Ęţęŗņąļ Vĩĺĺăģĕ DARK TEAM *uollas*72972900.00%
[10.]Regent?s DARK TEAM *uollas*73173100.00%
[05.]Londra DARK TEAM *uollas*68668600.00%
[20.] DARK TEAM *uollas*62062000.00%
[18.] Kikkahouse♥ DARK TEAM *uollas*63863800.00%
[19.] DARK TEAM *uollas*64964900.00%
[16.] C@C@o™ DARK TEAM *uollas*68068000.00%
[21.] DARK TEAM *uollas*40540500.00%
Nuovo villaggio DARK TEAM *uollas*323200.00%
[25.]Ke Nabbi... DARK TEAM *uollas*25825800.00%
[24.]UOLLAS DARK TEAM *uollas*40740700.00%
[13.]Vae Victis™ DARK TEAM *uollas*70070000.00%
[22.įņĐįşţяủčţįblε ™ DARK TEAM *uollas*70270200.00%
[03.]Spartan ♕ DARK TEAM *uollas*73373300.00%
[17.] B-Abbi-oni DARK TEAM *uollas*84184100.00%
Nuovo villaggio dickdasterbly Traveler6600.00%
Beer Town dickdasterbly Traveler69669600.00%
Game Supporter GeneraleRomano Support9900.00%