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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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международные грузоперевозки Пермь

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Server statistics

Alliances 159
Players: 2,788
Villages: 43,101
Population: 29,634,111
Last updated: 12-12-2011
Server started: 05-11-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 05-Decd. 12-Decgrowthgrowth in %
Odino68 Massimobet Filini93293200.00%
I Dentici Massimobet Filini95295200.00%
I Dentici Massimobet Filini87987900.00%
formello mauroguspini fulgieri46846800.00%
13 - Taurus Ainur NUDI? K!71771700.00%
11 - Virgo Ainur NUDI? K!68568500.00%
07 - Libra Ainur NUDI? K!77477400.00%
05 - Storm Ainur NUDI? K!71471400.00%
08 - Sagitter Ainur NUDI? K!69369300.00%
06 - Ares Ainur NUDI? K!46446400.00%
12 - Leo Ainur NUDI? K!59559500.00%
09 - Cancer Ainur NUDI? K!73173100.00%
05- Ainur NUDI? K!58358300.00%
10 - Gemini Ainur NUDI? K!79879800.00%
22 - Castalia Ainur NUDI? K!52852800.00%
19 - Andromeda Ainur NUDI? K!61061000.00%
14 - Aquarius Ainur NUDI? K!72072000.00%
17 - Capricorn Ainur NUDI? K!64964900.00%
16 - Fish Ainur NUDI? K!67767700.00%
21 - Pegasus Ainur NUDI? K!52252200.00%
23 - Dragone Ainur NUDI? K!51551500.00%
03 - Flashlight Ainur NUDI? K!81581500.00%
24 - Maestro dei Cin Ainur NUDI? K!24824800.00%
04 - Caronte Ainur NUDI? K!49449400.00%
03 - Flashlight Ainur NUDI? K!91391300.00%
15 - Scorpion Ainur NUDI? K!70770700.00%
02 - Dante Ainur NUDI? K!87687600.00%
18 - Cristal Ainur NUDI? K!68768700.00%
01 - Ainur Ainur NUDI? K!90690600.00%
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