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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 237
Players: 1,674
Villages: 16,678
Population: 10,893,782
Last updated: 12-12-2011
Server started: 20-10-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 05-Decd. 12-Decgrowthgrowth in %
4 __-DIAo-__ DIAo AYARAN67167100.00%
AYARAN DIAo AYARAN25025000.00%
3 __-DIAo-__ DIAo AYARAN65765700.00%
2 __-DIAo-__ DIAo AYARAN67467400.00%
1 __-DIAo-__ DIAo AYARAN35335300.00%
A011 Mahdad1 ViANA-254854800.00%
A010 Mahdad1 ViANA-235735700.00%
A003 Mahdad1 ViANA-271571500.00%
A012 Mahdad1 ViANA-260460400.00%
A016 Mahdad1 ViANA-253053000.00%
A015 Mahdad1 ViANA-244644600.00%
A004 Mahdad1 ViANA-278578500.00%
A005 Mahdad1 ViANA-278378300.00%
A014 Mahdad1 ViANA-232932900.00%
A009 Mahdad1 ViANA-279779700.00%
A006 Mahdad1 ViANA-277177100.00%
A008 Mahdad1 ViANA-275975900.00%
زوويه2 Mahdad1 ViANA-2676700.00%
A023 Mahdad1 ViANA-2272700.00%
A018 Mahdad1 ViANA-213713700.00%
A007 Mahdad1 ViANA-250550500.00%
A022 Mahdad1 ViANA-213413400.00%
A021 Mahdad1 ViANA-212712700.00%
A020 Mahdad1 ViANA-225225200.00%
A013 Mahdad1 ViANA-249149100.00%
A002 Mahdad1 ViANA-282682600.00%
A019 Mahdad1 ViANA-277577500.00%
A001 Mahdad1 ViANA-287987900.00%
A017 Mahdad1 ViANA-258158100.00%
دهکده زیبا 8 mr drik ViANA-2818100.00%
دهکده زیبا 4 mr drik ViANA-276476400.00%
دهکده زیبا 6 mr drik ViANA-275775700.00%
دهکده زیبا 5 mr drik ViANA-276076000.00%
دهکده زیبا 3 mr drik ViANA-277677600.00%
دهکده زیبا 7 mr drik ViANA-268268200.00%
دهکده زیبا 2 mr drik ViANA-278878800.00%
دهکده زیبا 1 mr drik ViANA-21234123400.00%
d3 shapoure 2vvom ViANA-223423400.00%
p1 shapoure 2vvom ViANA-273973900.00%
f3 shapoure 2vvom ViANA-242442400.00%
ViANA shapoure 2vvom ViANA-290890800.00%
f2 shapoure 2vvom ViANA-259559500.00%
p2 shapoure 2vvom ViANA-271571500.00%
d2 shapoure 2vvom ViANA-268168100.00%
f1 shapoure 2vvom ViANA-296296200.00%
دهکده جدید shapoure 2vvom ViANA-2121200.00%
9c shapoure 2vvom ViANA-271371300.00%
d1 shapoure 2vvom ViANA-274174100.00%
h3 hamidh4 ViANA-280980900.00%
ViANA hamidh4 ViANA-295795700.00%