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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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как купить паспорт рф легально

Server statistics

Alliances 237
Players: 1,674
Villages: 16,678
Population: 10,893,782
Last updated: 12-12-2011
Server started: 20-10-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 05-Decd. 12-Decgrowthgrowth in %
A alfa BAX-Q1049104900.00%
BV lord pk BAX-N1051105100.00%
Koshi 1081108100.00%
••• nvb PG.Army59659600.00%
knight! ahmad.a B&V_l1079107900.00%
Carles Puyol ldel BAX-Q87387300.00%
OLD WOLFS gang_man57457400.00%
nw milad_12 NW1103110300.00%
GonDOr sir ViANA-187687600.00%
* trova * Trova ViANA-394694600.00%
trova 2 Trova ViANA-370070000.00%
Metal Hammer05 Barbie BAX-Q77677600.00%
Metal Hammer14 Barbie BAX-Q78278200.00%
Metal Hammer08 Barbie BAX-Q80980900.00%
Metal Hammer01 Barbie BAX-Q92192100.00%
alone eagle 12 alre_maldini BAX-I69669600.00%
bax alre_maldini BAX-I75075000.00%
1 asistant26726700.00%
Piyoong yang gallant warrior NW96996900.00%
1 ayeh ViANA-41065106500.00%
ebli3 -._GO_.-48748700.00%
Psychosocial 09 Psychosocial BAX-Q93093000.00%
РĘЯŞîĄŅ08 Persian Empire88288200.00%
РĘЯŞîĄŅ01 Persian Empire82682600.00%
РĘЯŞîĄŅ07 Persian Empire94994900.00%
01 FRH IILLIIDAN ViANA-11109110900.00%
ViANA N A T A R ViANA-11085108500.00%
HIDDEN1 robinhood.153353300.00%
herkol1 herkol2 BAX-Q74274200.00%
18 king kian ViANA-392392300.00%
01 king kian ViANA-397097000.00%
Mark Army 1 m-sh ViANA-198198100.00%
owen* * * owen 4•••85885800.00%
™11№ Salomon ViANA-168668600.00%
ایرانین2 beautifully BAX-I85985900.00%
ایرانین17 beautifully BAX-I99299200.00%
ایرانین36 beautifully BAX-I84984900.00%
Z8 alfa BAX-Q1075107500.00%
L alfa BAX-Q1060106000.00%
mfm-09 pegasus2 ViANA-382582500.00%
mfm-01 pegasus2 ViANA-378478400.00%
BV-1 mordab ViANA-330930900.00%
™15№ Salomon ViANA-183883800.00%
ایرانین20 beautifully BAX-I1025102500.00%
ایرانین beautifully BAX-I1010101000.00%
02 تخت جمشید korosh_kabir BAX-I1049104900.00%
BV Kimiadaran ViANA-386886800.00%
BV payam_fatemi ViANA-487987900.00%
™01№ Salomon ViANA-179979900.00%
*sw* mahanmalek ViANA-31046104600.00%