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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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17-Dec Richardscazy shouted:
Test, just a test

17-Dec CyrusRupyigo shouted:
Tragak, Vatras, Sanuyem and Ur-Gosh Zimbabwe

17-Dec AsaruAppeque shouted:
Surus, Seruk, Reto and Surus Aruba

17-Dec Fraserpes shouted:
Kasim, Abbas, Zarkos and Wenzel Nigeria

17-Dec IsmaelSaura shouted:
Benito, Nemrok, Jared and Marus Algeria

Server statistics

Alliances 265
Players: 1,974
Villages: 29,078
Population: 20,153,398
Last updated: 08-11-2011
Server started: 25-05-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 01-Novd. 08-Novgrowthgrowth in %
ashoOob Newsha1293129300.00%
IRAN davood ghadimi gahreman27227200.00%
LEGEND F ALAMoUT ghasr RiNG - T1090109000.00%
powerhouse10 powerhouse VIVA-SW283283200.00%
powerhouse powerhouse VIVA-SW286886800.00%
مارسی DEER ™.TEN.76176100.00%
Afshin 10 SOOSHIYANT RiNG - A91391300.00%
Daniyal 3 SOOSHIYANT RiNG - A95395300.00%
BiG City 001 fantastic gahreman54254200.00%
vampire 01 vampires TEN-ATK1020102000.00%
def saze ghasr MaNhAtTaN92292200.00%
ஜچ-08 ஜCLL RZ.ND NE & SW1071107100.00%
ஜچ-28 ஜBastak RZ.ND NE & SW83083000.00%
DC.BOM-DEF-3 RZ.ND NE & SW96396300.00%
cafediplomat 24 cafediplomat F@RV@H@R80480400.00%
cafediplomat 21 cafediplomat F@RV@H@R87287200.00%
cafediplomat 06 cafediplomat F@RV@H@R88188100.00%
cafediplomat 01 cafediplomat F@RV@H@R92192100.00%
santacruz santacruz40540500.00%
●● Iron Warriors SOORENA88388300.00%
izengard-02 VV.T.F RiNG - T74374300.00%
NiMa K2-41 travian.behnam RAN WAR!81981900.00%
Dragon_28 Punsher T E N1030103000.00%
ஜچ-07 ஜBHD RZ.ND NE & SW96496400.00%
cafediplomat 04 cafediplomat F@RV@H@R92492400.00%
●●●● Iron Warriors SOORENA88188100.00%
Iron Warriors SOORENA96796700.00%
☆o☆o☆ peithon37137100.00%
دهکده pokemon mani-mahroo T.I.F.20000.00%
FIRST SALT SALT .TeN.80980900.00%
nedashoonina khormalo72072000.00%
gandor-01 VV.T.F RiNG - T94494400.00%
legend king 01 legend king T E N93493400.00%
Steel(1)T_T For the Darknes RiNG - A1227122700.00%
Steel(4)T_T For the Darknes RiNG - A91991900.00%
ماندگاران king vorujakc UL_PG40140100.00%
M-01 dominodomino 31 rooz48848800.00%
Dragon_31 Punsher T E N1056105600.00%
Afshin 01 SOOSHIYANT RiNG - A90690600.00%
AZARBAYJAN01 RZ.ND NE & SW1079107900.00%
ஜچ-12 ஜkrsh RZ.ND NE & SW94994900.00%
ஜچ-20 ஜPARS RZ.ND NE & SW91191100.00%
000O000 NiniNana VIVA-D11154115400.00%
دیار عاشقان 1 affa ™.TEN.1058105800.00%
مهندسان عمران 30vil N.W21121100.00%
ஜچ-19 ஜAhoo RZ.ND NE & SW1040104000.00%
ஜچ-10 ஜkrsh RZ.ND NE & SW94994900.00%
am.h-01 am.h RiNG - H72672600.00%
am.h-12 am.h RiNG - H86286200.00%
1 prince VIVA-D11027102700.00%