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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 265
Players: 1,974
Villages: 29,078
Population: 20,153,398
Last updated: 08-11-2011
Server started: 25-05-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 01-Novd. 08-Novgrowthgrowth in %
★ 01 ★ WOLF&FOX RiNG - H97897800.00%
DARUSHE KABIR-01 darushe kabir S000ReNa87087000.00%
03 sas71 RiNG - S1039103900.00%
UL_PG HOOK UL_PG79379300.00%
01 Night .mosi RiNG - T94294200.00%
L.A alireza_70707 ™TEN78778700.00%
009 avesta57 UL_PG93693600.00%
001 avesta57 UL_PG92392300.00%
00 kingbehroz TENCrazy88488400.00%
001 farvahar_II T E N88488400.00%
اولکام f6rhad .TeN.1102110200.00%
ŋεvαδα ₁ ShElDorR RING_K1133113300.00%
X BOX-20 KING LION RiNG - T1055105500.00%
20 ilina ™TEN94794700.00%
همسرم مـ ــریـ ـ ـم ilina ™TEN1029102900.00%
*شهر سوخته* khashayar shah F@RV@H@R87187100.00%
travian.behnam shahrokh NW - Def99299200.00%
ViVA-SW16 talibombers1 ViVA-SW192192100.00%
006 RETURN OF YAK91491400.00%
mahshid_|25 VV.T.F RiNG - T51751700.00%
arad saheron RING_K81881800.00%
SaTaN 33 beyran F@RV@H@R1044104400.00%
▌◄12►▐ deraculaa T.E.N.1056105600.00%
29CH HOOK UL_PG81381300.00%
H Hammer RiNG - H93293200.00%
28 ilina ™TEN88588500.00%
sam samikopol T.E.N1045104500.00%
01 reza000 UL_PG90290200.00%
01 OMID _xXx_ NE & SW96596500.00%
ViVA-SW talibombers1 ViVA-SW11007100700.00%
iM Kave Kave 31 rooz65665600.00%
L.K.M MMS VIVA-D11061106100.00%
3pich00 Isoo RiNG - T94594500.00%
08 Sick RiNG - H76576500.00%
00 atak RiNG - H71771700.00%
acropoli3 01 samoraei [bax-I]92292200.00%
-===47===- alikhoros F@RV@H@R95095000.00%
04 Sick RiNG - H76376300.00%
TEN 006 achilis02 .TeN.1045104500.00%
IRAN davood ghadimi gahreman27227200.00%
powerhouse10 powerhouse VIVA-SW283283200.00%
vampire 01 vampires TEN-ATK1020102000.00%
cafediplomat 24 cafediplomat F@RV@H@R80480400.00%
cafediplomat 06 cafediplomat F@RV@H@R88188100.00%
ஜچ-07 ஜBHD RZ.ND NE & SW96496400.00%
●●●● Iron Warriors SOORENA88188100.00%
legend king 01 legend king T E N93493400.00%
M-01 dominodomino 31 rooz48848800.00%
AZARBAYJAN01 RZ.ND NE & SW1079107900.00%
مهندسان عمران 30vil N.W21121100.00%