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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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17-Oct FalkSa shouted:
Hjalte, Jerek, Owen and Silas Nepal

17-Oct DerekRads shouted:
Dolok, Larson, Lester and Sancho Tunisia

17-Oct RedgeHavy shouted:
Dargoth, Kelvin, Marcus and Varek Slovenia

17-Oct Peerbype shouted:
Barrack, Tippler, Hamlar and Garik Paraguay

17-Oct RasarusVew shouted:
Varek, Brenton, Carlos and Marik Palestinian territory, occupie

Server statistics

Alliances 174
Players: 1,345
Villages: 9,976
Population: 6,071,752
Last updated: 20-02-2012
Server started: 19-04-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 13-Febd. 20-Febgrowthgrowth in %
Monox CT Forces VorteX-156656600.00%
MAtRiX CT Forces VorteX-161661600.00%
Nicotine CT Forces VorteX-175875800.00%
Satriani CT Forces VorteX-164964900.00%
Codeine CT Forces VorteX-178378300.00%
Heroin CT Forces VorteX-185585500.00%
Empire earth CT Forces VorteX-180880800.00%
Demolition CT Forces VorteX-173373300.00%
ஜ۩Azar 7۩ஜ prancess azar VorteX-118418400.00%
ஜ۩Azar 9۩ஜ prancess azar VorteX-112112100.00%
ஜ۩Azar 10۩ஜ prancess azar VorteX-110310300.00%
ஜ۩Azar 8۩ஜ prancess azar VorteX-113413400.00%
ஜ۩Azar 2۩ஜ prancess azar VorteX-191491400.00%
ஜ۩Azar 1۩ஜ prancess azar VorteX-199899800.00%
ஜ۩Azar 4۩ஜ prancess azar VorteX-172172100.00%
ஜ۩Azar 5۩ஜ prancess azar VorteX-145345300.00%
ஜ۩Azar 6۩ஜ prancess azar VorteX-127827800.00%
ஜ۩Azar 3۩ஜ prancess azar VorteX-185885800.00%
دهکده جدید wehrmacht VorteX-118618600.00%
wolfsburg wehrmacht VorteX-1444400.00%
Bremen wehrmacht VorteX-154154100.00%
Stuttgart wehrmacht VorteX-176276200.00%
Düsseldorfچیف wehrmacht VorteX-194494400.00%
Hannover wehrmacht VorteX-173873800.00%
Essen wehrmacht VorteX-187687600.00%
Berlin wehrmacht VorteX-190790700.00%
RaMan asl wehrmacht VorteX-192492400.00%
Frankfurt wehrmacht VorteX-186786700.00%
köln wehrmacht VorteX-180180100.00%
Leipzig wehrmacht VorteX-168768700.00%
A8 roholah20 VorteX-135635600.00%
A6 roholah20 VorteX-147647600.00%
A7 roholah20 VorteX-141841800.00%
WW roholah20 VorteX-1606000.00%
A3 roholah20 VorteX-196296200.00%
A5 roholah20 VorteX-165265200.00%
A2 roholah20 VorteX-11023102300.00%
A1 roholah20 VorteX-11080108000.00%
A4 roholah20 VorteX-173273200.00%
05 Kasra2010 VorteX-162162100.00%
02 Kasra2010 VorteX-188988900.00%
06 Kasra2010 VorteX-136036000.00%
07 Kasra2010 VorteX-135135100.00%
01 Kasra2010 VorteX-197797700.00%
04 Kasra2010 VorteX-164264200.00%
03 Kasra2010 VorteX-167267200.00%
دهکده جدید 129atash VorteX-110410400.00%
Rap 3 129atash VorteX-152952900.00%
C!T@D3L 129atash VorteX-190690600.00%
Rap 4 129atash VorteX-129429400.00%