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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 174
Players: 1,345
Villages: 9,976
Population: 6,071,752
Last updated: 20-02-2012
Server started: 19-04-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 13-Febd. 20-Febgrowthgrowth in %
دهکده WEST 7 salar khan VorteX-132632600.00%
Warden 07 Raspina VorteX-130830800.00%
Warden 02 Raspina VorteX-185585500.00%
Warden 04 Raspina VorteX-168668600.00%
Warden 06 Raspina VorteX-169169100.00%
Warden 01* Raspina VorteX-187787700.00%
Warden 05 Raspina VorteX-156256200.00%
Warden 03 Raspina VorteX-167167100.00%
B alireza_k VorteX-179879800.00%
A alireza_k VorteX-11000100000.00%
E alireza_k VorteX-141341300.00%
C alireza_k VorteX-176976900.00%
D alireza_k VorteX-173673600.00%
Haeduan07 Cpt.Nemesis VorteX-167467400.00%
Haeduan01 Cpt.Nemesis VorteX-11038103800.00%
Haeduan04 Cpt.Nemesis VorteX-178778700.00%
Haeduan09 Cpt.Nemesis VorteX-164764700.00%
Haeduan08 Cpt.Nemesis VorteX-166566500.00%
Haeduan05 Cpt.Nemesis VorteX-177277200.00%
Haeduan02 Cpt.Nemesis VorteX-188188100.00%
Citadel Cpt.Nemesis VorteX-178678600.00%
Haeduan11 Cpt.Nemesis VorteX-140040000.00%
Haeduan03 Cpt.Nemesis VorteX-190390300.00%
Haeduan12 Cpt.Nemesis VorteX-184784700.00%
Haeduan06 Cpt.Nemesis VorteX-175275200.00%
Gangster 1 SLIM SHADY VorteX-197397300.00%
Gangster 5 SLIM SHADY VorteX-179279200.00%
Gangster 7 SLIM SHADY VorteX-173273200.00%
Gangster 2 SLIM SHADY VorteX-188588500.00%
Gangster 6 SLIM SHADY VorteX-174674600.00%
Gangster 9 SLIM SHADY VorteX-154254200.00%
Gangster 3 SLIM SHADY VorteX-182782700.00%
دهکده جدید SLIM SHADY VorteX-1212100.00%
Gangster 4 SLIM SHADY VorteX-183183100.00%
Gangster 8 SLIM SHADY VorteX-172672600.00%
009 tofan5 VorteX-145545500.00%
010 tofan5 VorteX-132632600.00%
0002 tofan5 VorteX-199999900.00%
0013 tofan5 VorteX-110710700.00%
دهکده جدید tofan5 VorteX-1444400.00%
0004 tofan5 VorteX-184284200.00%
0007 tofan5 VorteX-163063000.00%
0011 tofan5 VorteX-126826800.00%
0008 tofan5 VorteX-152552500.00%
0012 tofan5 VorteX-124724700.00%
0003 tofan5 VorteX-191591500.00%
0006 tofan5 VorteX-177377300.00%
0005 tofan5 VorteX-177377300.00%
0 tofan5 VorteX-11084108400.00%
دهکده جدید token Korosh35735700.00%