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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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21-Feb Karryptophoge shouted:
Dimitar, Gamal, Inog and Rasarus Sao tome and principe

21-Feb MufassaLoalo shouted:
Thorus, Myxir, Musan and Kalesch Mauritania

21-Feb Resseldiomy shouted:
Osmund, Pedar, Murak and Kulak Kenya

21-Feb BernadoZes shouted:
Jaroll, Lisk, Aschnu and Hanson Cuba

21-Feb KerthPuh shouted:
Vigo, Tempeck, Jesper and Garik Norway

Server statistics

Alliances 213
Players: 1,577
Villages: 14,764
Population: 9,504,627
Last updated: 08-11-2011
Server started: 19-04-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 01-Novd. 08-Novgrowthgrowth in %
09_ TaBa1369 V!VA NE237237200.00%
08_ TaBa1369 V!VA NE245945900.00%
شوش Jonoubi V!VA NE254354300.00%
بهبهان Jonoubi V!VA NE263563500.00%
R o s S O n e R i rossoneri V!VA NE243243200.00%
اندیکا Jonoubi V!VA NE256256200.00%
سی سخت Jonoubi V!VA NE256756700.00%
FORZA MILAN rossoneri V!VA NE274974900.00%
ww01 TaBa1369 V!VA NE248348300.00%
M.I.S Jonoubi V!VA NE262162100.00%
رامهرمز Jonoubi V!VA NE263663600.00%
WW03 TaBa1369 V!VA NE292092000.00%
0F_ TaBa1369 V!VA NE269169100.00%
N.FORCE Jonoubi V!VA NE21034103400.00%
WW02 TaBa1369 V!VA NE291091000.00%
اهواز Jonoubi V!VA NE287987900.00%
امیدیه Jonoubi V!VA NE263663600.00%
0D_ TaBa1369 V!VA NE293793700.00%
M I L A N rossoneri V!VA NE21020102000.00%
07 hichk4s2 V!VA NE233733700.00%
06 hichk4s2 V!VA NE246446400.00%
fire paradise4 fire paradise V!VA NE243143100.00%
طاها 7 Mellat V!VA NE259159100.00%
طاها 6 Mellat V!VA NE257757700.00%
طاها 5 Mellat V!VA NE257157100.00%
fire paradise3 fire paradise V!VA NE251551500.00%
طاها 4 Mellat V!VA NE267667600.00%
evil 03 hichk4s2 V!VA NE266166100.00%
fire paradise2 fire paradise V!VA NE258958900.00%
طاها 3 Mellat V!VA NE282182100.00%
evil 02 hichk4s2 V!VA NE269269200.00%
05 hichk4s2 V!VA NE270370300.00%
evil 01 hichk4s2 V!VA NE273973900.00%
طاها 2 Mellat V!VA NE286286200.00%
01 hichk4s2 V!VA NE280180100.00%
fire paradise1 fire paradise V!VA NE275175100.00%
505050 fire paradise V!VA NE289589500.00%
طاها 1 Mellat V!VA NE274374300.00%
V!VA taken V!VA NE285685600.00%
دهکده1 taken V!VA NE272972900.00%
لالا taken V!VA NE275875800.00%
دهکده جدید SaW V!VA NE287487400.00%
ܓܨ06ܓܨ SaW V!VA NE278278200.00%
ܓܨ05ܓܨ SaW V!VA NE286086000.00%
ܓܨ03ܓܨ SaW V!VA NE290090000.00%
ܓܨ04ܓܨ SaW V!VA NE272172100.00%
chif shode SaW V!VA NE276476400.00%
ܓܨ02ܓܨ SaW V!VA NE282082000.00%
ܓܨ01ܓܨ SaW V!VA NE290790700.00%
chif shode SaW V!VA NE288388300.00%