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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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21-Feb Karryptophoge shouted:
Dimitar, Gamal, Inog and Rasarus Sao tome and principe

21-Feb MufassaLoalo shouted:
Thorus, Myxir, Musan and Kalesch Mauritania

21-Feb Resseldiomy shouted:
Osmund, Pedar, Murak and Kulak Kenya

21-Feb BernadoZes shouted:
Jaroll, Lisk, Aschnu and Hanson Cuba

21-Feb KerthPuh shouted:
Vigo, Tempeck, Jesper and Garik Norway

Server statistics

Alliances 293
Players: 1,774
Villages: 17,084
Population: 11,105,859
Last updated: 18-04-2012
Server started: 02-09-2011
Info from Period:
PlayerAllianced. 11-Aprd. 18-Aprgrowthgrowth in %
LonG LiFe ACEVAL Z103967894-2502-24.07%
Evanescence ACEVAL S2427121865-2406-9.91%
shervod SW ViVa232491558-1691-52.05%
Tak3Da VALACE.998508224-1626-16.51%
hauoooola SE--ValS30621643-1419-46.34%
IR_Kamharf Silence30501747-1303-42.72%
MoeiN WW™ValS1708115796-1285-7.52%
Fire Shadow VALACE.995838597-986-10.29%
Andy ACEVAL C22651342-923-40.75%
The Next Is U WW™ValS1649515599-896-5.43%
ashoriyan 4 •••1253358-895-71.43%
orgha2 ACEVAL J21671323-844-38.95%
AzumI ACEVAL D50694284-785-15.49%
King Theif VALACE336102845-765-21.19%
ghazale @LORDS@49474185-762-15.40%
farid_badboy SW ViVa232512493-758-23.32%
queen_night_777 WarGods.24711756-715-28.94%
jojo201187 ggg1093810230-708-6.47%
slna ™ ONE SW23621695-667-28.24%
roman legend16881075-613-36.32%
B-Rabbit ACEVAL C29762367-609-20.46%
Black Rainbow 1 •••49864404-582-11.67%
parisa VALACE189468382-564-6.30%
supp 9•••2252821971-557-2.47%
ampoule valsewon24291876-553-22.77%
Hasane Sabbah n000000b25742023-551-21.41%
Crazy Ace--1926118723-538-2.79%
Prestige kitchen1557815040-538-3.45%
albalo0o0_gila hamer1316712771-396-3.01%
KONT AVATAR III 110•••1601515644-371-2.32%
Just War1485814502-356-2.40%
Mahshid.777 ACEVAL K14861160-326-21.94%
NnatarkoshN 666•••92938977-316-3.40%
babashah EAST 1X1717416864-310-1.81%
CIA WW-Ace1177111478-293-2.49%
orehen Ozhen1101110768-243-2.21%
mahigir SW ViVa21125910-215-19.11%
LORD ACEVALS1987919701-178-0.90%
4blood seeker single14661323-143-9.75%
no attake tanha17351-122-70.52%
Goldfinch .oXiGeN1084975-109-10.06%
b e l l o n a ACEVAL_P46744590-84-1.80%
artar ACEVAL T11271047-80-7.10%