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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 293
Players: 1,774
Villages: 17,084
Population: 11,105,859
Last updated: 18-04-2012
Server started: 02-09-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 11-Aprd. 18-Aprgrowthgrowth in %
acc1 acc4290-429-100.00%
EAST babashah EAST 1X1091670-421-38.59%
2 Mahshid.777 ACEVAL K819493-326-39.80%
S.M.S 10 LORD ACEVALS829504-325-39.20%
BlueßѺY.:::.09 helee 13 •••888574-314-35.36%
Natar_05 NnatarkoshN 666•••716417-299-41.76%
b40 exopalasht33875-263-77.81%
001 Crazy Ace--1043807-236-22.63%
012 Crazy Ace--907672-235-25.91%
mark KONT AVATAR III 110•••780565-215-27.56%
. mahigir SW ViVa2900692-208-23.11%
suspect sun&day NW***.697518-179-25.68%
3•W•W• Zion •SIGMA•25579-176-69.02%
joriass KONT AVATAR III 110•••744572-172-23.12%
a1 LonG LiFe ACEVAL Z966796-170-17.60%
P&H 32 king P&h ACEVAL_P852682-170-19.95%
A3 LonG LiFe ACEVAL Z894726-168-18.79%
CAPITAL LeGend.TR END GAME941782-159-16.90%
عجیب b e l l o n a ACEVAL_P917761-156-17.01%
1 mohamad6568419-149-26.23%
hate from faker 4blood seeker single943796-147-15.59%
A2 LonG LiFe ACEVAL Z872725-147-16.86%
A8 LonG LiFe ACEVAL Z774627-147-18.99%
دهکده عجایب b e l l o n a ACEVAL_P975831-144-14.77%
02 M1lad SW One1025886-139-13.56%
B1 LonG LiFe ACEVAL Z797660-137-17.19%
A7 LonG LiFe ACEVAL Z769633-136-17.69%
Natar_11 NnatarkoshN 666•••888754-134-15.09%
The King-23 4M!R WarGods1062934-128-12.05%
015 Crazy Ace--861734-127-14.75%
A9 LonG LiFe ACEVAL Z699575-124-17.74%
چیفت black. devil 101767649-118-15.38%
CHIFF Ooooooooo1 Judge§ B893777-116-12.99%
NE Evanescence ACEVAL S1010895-115-11.39%
A6 LonG LiFe ACEVAL Z638524-114-17.87%
™D Just War875763-112-12.80%
™E Just War832729-103-12.38%
WW-0 the last player WW-Ace684583-101-14.77%
96 klh510410-100-19.61%
NE Evanescence ACEVAL S893794-99-11.09%
NE Evanescence ACEVAL S886789-97-10.95%
EAST Evanescence ACEVAL S1073978-95-8.85%
CHIF2 Ooooooooo1 Judge§ B735642-93-12.65%
ALI GHOLO&NANASU artar ACEVAL T688596-92-13.37%
NE Evanescence ACEVAL S853761-92-10.79%
NE Evanescence ACEVAL S875784-91-10.40%
EAST LonG LiFe ACEVAL Z823732-91-11.06%
FVA purche ValAce0918828-90-9.80%
NE Evanescence ACEVAL S1008918-90-8.93%
00:00:03 AxeRaider1008918-90-8.93%