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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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20-May GanckaAbich shouted:
Ford, Lee, Osmund and Ernesto Armenia

20-May AshtonasymN shouted:
Lukar, Irhabar, Gonzales and Gambal Turkmenistan

20-May Daviddof shouted:
Купить Папиловит недорого. Цены, отзывы. Закажите Папиловит сейчас!

20-May UrkrassBup shouted:
Stejnar, Rozhov, Deckard and Pyran Barbados

20-May JarockChielry shouted:
Wenzel, Brontobb, Hanson and Irhabar Bahamas

Server statistics

Alliances 293
Players: 1,774
Villages: 17,084
Population: 11,105,859
Last updated: 18-04-2012
Server started: 02-09-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 11-Aprd. 18-Aprgrowthgrowth in %
01) kapak kappak azadi13001303+30.23%
WW-0 ramin_ss ACEVAL C12811286+50.39%
01-ViVA NW hajariyan 3 dot12631265+20.16%
نور lord afshin ™GOLD12101255+453.72%
LEXA 01 bgs330330 VALCE.WW12481251+30.24%
01 EAST rorshak ACEVAL K12351251+161.30%
EAST kiomars417 ACEVAL 01244124400.00%
•A•L•O Hornet 11•••1243124300.00%
EAST LAHZE ACEVAL 012581241-17-1.35%
AFSHARIAN afsharian ™§Judge12261228+20.16%
D masal bax 2222•••12191225+60.49%
CHALOUS☆ The Lethal Rhin VALCE.WW12021214+121.00%
AminM AminM ™§Judge12121214+20.17%
••• rayka 2 •••1209120900.00%
CTESIPHON yazdegerd III ACEVAL_P11991195-4-0.33%
EAST DELOO ACEVAL_P11931195+20.17%
S.J01 saeed-saken VALCE.WW11751187+121.02%
EAST Kei Ana ACEVAL K1184118400.00%
EAST ImmortalMadGuys ACEVAL E1178117800.00%
❷ 亗 亗 sir faryar far far away W •••1173117300.00%
02 * Ice Hearts Ice Heart11611171+100.86%
02- Twin Peaks atilaaa1167116700.00%
EAST TooTaN KHaaN END GAME11481160+121.05%
1 yeap ACEVAL 011571159+20.17%
♥♥ m.apachi11911158-33-2.77%
2.Sweet Sacrifice My Immortal 2 •••1155115500.00%
QC quantum VALACE™411511155+40.35%
EAST s312 ACEVAL K1154115400.00%
EAST aliz ACEVALS11411149+80.70%
GUN ZIZO.10 SW ViVa211461148+20.17%
ValiantS raminfcboz VALACE™11401147+70.61%
*Belito* Lele END GAME1147114700.00%
Dast nazan LorD 84 84 •••11441147+30.26%
EAST leila ACEVAL K11391146+70.61%
EAST M00RCHE ACEVAL_P1143114300.00%
Dark Queen Eject ACEVAL 011401142+20.18%
`˜”°º•(Ace)•º°”˜´ beautifuly ACEVAL Z1140114000.00%
Josef_balsamo KILLER1351 NWA•••11371140+30.26%
ACE Four Horsemen F@_MO_AL1139113900.00%
1 chelsea ..ACe..11291138+90.80%
军队-03 ProdiGY ACEVAL u11341138+40.35%
HaMeD 00 BMW 3d0t1138113800.00%
1••• lord3030 3•••11351138+30.26%
EAST Matina ACEVAL K11281138+100.89%
#ماسوله# ahmad59 Judge§ B11241135+110.98%
.SE™ValS. Morqe Atash VALACE11221134+121.07%
军队-21 ProdiGY ACEVAL u11271133+60.53%
EAST dadashi ACEVAL 01132113200.00%
EAST Ario Khan ACEVAL M11301132+20.18%