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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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19-May Karmoksaubbarge shouted:
Daryl, Osko, Rocko and Pranck Comoros

19-May Michaelthape shouted:
Protect yourself against the ongoing trade war between USA and China

19-May Warrennix shouted:
Гороскопы 2019 -2020 года

19-May SinikarRew shouted:
Tjalf, Rathgar, Umbrak and Orknarok Brazil

19-May GornHum shouted:
Jerek, Gorok, Nafalem and Brenton Timor-leste

Server statistics

Alliances 32
Players: 172
Villages: 1,569
Population: 948,618
Last updated: 18-04-2012
Server started: 25-05-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 11-Aprd. 18-Aprgrowthgrowth in %
Castle Made on Sand the untouchable Saints1260126000.00%
[01] Almighty God ! Rajappan | TLF |1209120900.00%
Dragon01 Dragonfire IR-UNW11631151-12-1.03%
Mirage seaso IR-UNW11431145+20.17%
erc legod | TLF |11211125+40.36%
nunu ranse IR- WAR10871124+373.40%
Alfa gcss MegaLife10981124+262.37%
01.нιт тнєм нαя∂ James ~Saints~11211123+20.18%
02. Lutetia Morphy IRWW1115111500.00%
01}. ☠ Hÿdяògéη ☠ nirmal IR-Alone1107110700.00%
Step Up golusoni273 ~Saints~11001104+40.36%
0 ender IRWW1097109700.00%
Cnidaria Gordita IR-FW10891096+70.64%
Lord Miltons Citadel lord milton IRWW10911095+40.37%
000 AG3 Saints10811087+60.56%
[03] maddyworld eins maddyworld Saints1086108600.00%
14| Chiefed Warriors TDR-SF1079107900.00%
IR PLAYERS STAY AWAY black scorpion Saints10691077+80.75%
Peace Village annu10551073+181.71%
BlueLag redlag1069106900.00%
a lonely child fredelig Ottomans10541062+80.76%
mak 2 crotalul Saints1060106000.00%
00 sentiment sentiment Saints1057105700.00%
Baasha Naveen theboss Saints10461053+70.67%
JAIPUR2 jagdish ~Saints~10481051+30.29%
01Marmotteland Groundhog F.D.L-S10541051-3-0.28%
X0. The Last Empire punter X-IR1049104900.00%
RaHmAn CiTy rahmanfayed R K O10261040+141.36%
2.Sandi sandi1983 TeAm-I1035103500.00%
Rajdhani Eklavya Saints10141034+201.97%
dark cave dark angle C0LL0SUS10251033+80.78%
jjl legod | TLF |10121028+161.58%
legod city legod | TLF |10051024+191.89%
[01]potnick kanuni Saints1015101500.00%
. Obelix IR-FW10041015+111.10%
03 Elektra sentiment Saints1013101300.00%
Armed Force deepan Saints10061010+40.40%
The Show Must Go On sentiment Saints10061009+30.30%
Mirage 3 seaso IR-UNW1009100900.00%
0 Virus sentiment Saints10051009+40.40%
17| Jericho Warriors TDR-SF1007100700.00%
[02] Botulism paladin Saints9901005+151.52%
[04]SONMORGCU kanuni Saints1001100100.00%
# Twister IR-FW9991001+20.20%
[05]ARIHANT kanuni Saints1000100000.00%
[03]A Z A R O kanuni Saints1000100000.00%
[02] Fighter Town hornet TeAm-I968996+282.89%
[06]Fairy kanuni Saints99699600.00%
Bhootz sentiment Saints992995+30.30%
klc legod | TLF |981994+131.33%