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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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21-Feb StancimiDerry shouted:
Malir, Dolok, Hatlod and Stejnar Uganda

21-Feb AterasFligcoiff shouted:
Garik, Bogir, Jose and Topork Bulgaria

20-Feb KulakFat shouted:
Volkar, Irhabar, Kippler and Arokkh Costa rica

20-Feb Donaldunery shouted:
Прокат авто в Сочи

20-Feb DeckardaculA shouted:
Lars, Tufail, Shawn and Konrad Guinea

Server statistics

Alliances 55
Players: 376
Villages: 4,013
Population: 2,514,229
Last updated: 07-03-2012
Server started: 01-08-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 29-Febd. 07-Margrowthgrowth in %
SU preetha SU|SWUF61761700.00%
nike air raji SU|SWUF83583500.00%
~SU~ nash0009 SU|SWUF38038000.00%
999 Burger SU|SWUF21021000.00%
Bombay VI Baz SU|SWUF56056000.00%
Bombay V Baz SU|SWUF68868800.00%
Lothlorien Koushik SU|SWUF46046000.00%
New Village 3 mani SU|SWUF42342300.00%
New Village aop SU|SWUF898900.00%
darsh raji SU|SWUF60560500.00%
deep raji SU|SWUF72472400.00%
New Village 9 mani SU|SWUF464600.00%
16w towel SU|SWUF343400.00%
New Village 8 mani SU|SWUF878700.00%
New Village 7 mani SU|SWUF13613600.00%
New Village 6 mani SU|SWUF13113100.00%
New Village 5 mani SU|SWUF18918900.00%
New Village aop SU|SWUF434300.00%
New Village 4 mani SU|SWUF40540500.00%
SU|LOVE KINGDOM kaviashish SU|SWUF23923900.00%
New Village 2 mani SU|SWUF46946900.00%
wiecznie młody aop SU|SWUF18318300.00%
SU.9 Naaazgul SU|SWUF808000.00%
R5.1 Rodent SU|SWUF55355300.00%
[03] Maldives King Julian SU|SWUF76076000.00%
R3.1 Rodent SU|SWUF57957900.00%
ॐ[00] WW Gift™ leoniners SU|SWUF474700.00%
nike raji SU|SWUF28128100.00%
RZ14 Rodent SU|SWUF48848800.00%
New Village Dkb SU|SWUF18018000.00%
Springocean lamoha25 SU|SWUF18118100.00%
[03] Villa yogavignesh SU|SWUF575700.00%
vaish raji SU|SWUF61561500.00%
[04] Malay King Julian SU|SWUF55555500.00%
RZ13 Rodent SU|SWUF51851800.00%
New Village nash0009 SU|SWUF21521500.00%
Bombay II Baz SU|SWUF52952900.00%
nike360 raji SU|SWUF54454400.00%
RZ11 Rodent SU|SWUF50250200.00%
RZ10 Rodent SU|SWUF50950900.00%
3 casa noir Dkb SU|SWUF52052000.00%
Zion Guardian SU|SWUF31531500.00%
SU preetha SU|SWUF24024000.00%
RZ12 Rodent SU|SWUF51451400.00%
New Village Pradeep Nair SU|SWUF10710700.00%
New Village Pradeep Nair SU|SWUF10910900.00%
New Village zubairskd SU|DTH53953900.00%
M.Z.R zubairskd SU|DTH1262126200.00%
Panchkula Thomas George SU|LWSE219419400.00%
Mohali Thomas George SU|LWSE233933900.00%