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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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20-May GanckaAbich shouted:
Ford, Lee, Osmund and Ernesto Armenia

20-May AshtonasymN shouted:
Lukar, Irhabar, Gonzales and Gambal Turkmenistan

20-May Daviddof shouted:
Купить Папиловит недорого. Цены, отзывы. Закажите Папиловит сейчас!

20-May UrkrassBup shouted:
Stejnar, Rozhov, Deckard and Pyran Barbados

20-May JarockChielry shouted:
Wenzel, Brontobb, Hanson and Irhabar Bahamas

Server statistics

Alliances 402
Players: 3,109
Villages: 17,671
Population: 8,825,835
Last updated: 05-07-2011
Server started: 22-06-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 28-Jund. 05-Julgrowthgrowth in %
GoD-1-Father evan13 NoL™-298898800.00%
1.SERGAP ringinanom T.O.R-ST81481400.00%
Taro Land Rantaro NoL™-568168100.00%
ambassador den witch66766700.00%
semin dot [AMP]-RH95195100.00%
PEMBURU Isa SHICHI™75075000.00%
NWA airy [AMP]-NW1037103700.00%
ciganjurix doelaghdoel34934900.00%
[01] Red Color The Real MT [UNE]-AO87587500.00%
1 rando [UNE]™HQ86086000.00%
-BaN-#02 eco TOR94594500.00%
PEMBASMI MAHO latias NoL™-21025102500.00%
T indoleon [UNE]-AO66266200.00%
AO-1 encek [UNE]-186286200.00%
PEMBASMI MAHO goldzilla [UNE]-AO84284200.00%
Nibiru TAFTER 447 [UNE]-SM83683600.00%
STD ifada [AMP]-C86486400.00%
SPARTAN zhuke SHICHI-S73673600.00%
For WW Juang Trapian T.O.R-X183083000.00%
vixie biru B6619EHX shendy [U]TIW22022000.00%
Phalanx & DD sinaga [AMP]-TB1016101600.00%
PEMBASMI MAHO Quantum [UNE]-AO81981900.00%
Pemburu Minata Ldr™75275200.00%
PEMBASMI MAHO Kengz [UNE]XXX73073000.00%
Florance Machiavelli [AMP]-SD80380300.00%
C#1 SPA4 [UNE]-11046104600.00%
Red Rainbow DEAREST83283200.00%
AMP-BB eka wiyadnyana [AMP]-BB1077107700.00%
Stranger udah takluk eka wiyadnyana [AMP]-BB45945900.00%
16. Gondrong machomen [UNE]™HQ71671600.00%
01. Kekar machomen [UNE]™HQ99699600.00%
Desa crot dssew [UNE]-DD64664600.00%
JayHoaChat JayHoaChat [UNE]-DD70770700.00%
[AMP]-BB reminder [AMP]-BB97597500.00%
PD jazze83583500.00%
Lubang Buaya Crocodile [AMP]Se11055105500.00%
wkwkwk E K O14514500.00%
. dr3dd [AMP]-TB95695600.00%
AMP-BB kecebonq [AMP]-BB85685600.00%
hahahahaha BrUtaL NYN™73573500.00%
AMP-BB Ti_Cine [AMP]-BB90390300.00%
Desa Martole Martole [AMP]-NW76676600.00%
2. [UNE] Rony [UNE]XXX86386300.00%
[UNE] - Coril - [UNE]XXX79579500.00%
[UNE]XXX 2 ell [UNE]-21055105500.00%
[UNE] radenardi [UNE]-195195100.00%
[MON] 00 siMONCONG [UNE]-11056105600.00%
Metropolis SaLaMaNDeR [UNE]-199399300.00%
kampung whiteknight harry ezzroy [UNE]XXX79579500.00%