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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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22-Aug CleoMef shouted:
Dating for..

22-Aug Elbernub shouted:
Eusebio, Orknarok, Asam and Larson Qatar

22-Aug NahouseJep shouted:
Интернет магазин Панда на дом

22-Aug Rockorub shouted:
Hamlar, Aidan, Angir and Tuwas Tokelau

21-Aug LiftmnPes shouted:
Монтаж лифтов на высшем уровне

Server statistics

Alliances 402
Players: 3,109
Villages: 17,671
Population: 8,825,835
Last updated: 05-07-2011
Server started: 22-06-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 28-Jund. 05-Julgrowthgrowth in %
PD [UNE]-HQ brondong [UNE]-%1062106200.00%
Kelating Berliano NoL™-593793700.00%
PD stokonyu 02 fren T.O.R-AD86286200.00%
.T.O.R esia94194100.00%
* Teutonic German NoL™93193100.00%
Natars. heri_k T.O.R-WW84284200.00%
[01] culOnia xD CHIPS [UNE]™HQ1025102500.00%
PEMBASMI MAHO GlodakDak87287200.00%
DEF 01 ragile [UNE]-DD85885800.00%
Natars masterz T.O.R-WW92192100.00%
PD bocah bacot arya12 T.E.S74674600.00%
PD Demag xenxen [AMP]-C97197100.00%
. Sigmund_Asgard [AMP]-BW78178100.00%
SERGAP. Ade Ratna T.O.R-AD1087108700.00%
def facking Bangil [UNE]SAB57057000.00%
XXX Baracuka [UNE]SAB79479400.00%
T.O.R-PD-01 denpasar T.O.R-AD84384300.00%
A01 lansia [UNE]™HQ71971900.00%
SERGAP. lee am see T.O.R-AD94894800.00%
spearman factory 1 facking [UNE]™HQ92292200.00%
Desa Ruwet poll ardhi [AMP]-ID93893800.00%
SERGAP patas T.O.R-X67767700.00%
-=(55|26)=- dans [UNE]-289989900.00%
T1 seventh T.O.R-AD95695600.00%
Atychiphobia NakedChief NoL™1061106100.00%
. gatot kaca [AMP]-ID1022102200.00%
-PM- susah NoL™-21008100800.00%
. Timur Laut [UNE]-AE78678600.00%
Thunder yuviro [UNE]BSK79379300.00%
Bimby Bimby [AMP]-SW84384300.00%
X01 mr cupu [AMP]-ID80480400.00%
a[L]s selalu NoL™-275675600.00%
. herdie [UNE]-373573500.00%
. Jayas6 [AMP]-BW78578500.00%
-=(55|26)=- ngeriii [UNE]-290990900.00%
Leopard archer [AMP]-ID93293200.00%
PEMBASMI MAHO Caesaris [UNE]-DD81881800.00%
PEMBASMI MAHO praDewa [UNE]™HQ93493400.00%
DEFF T.O.R I tommybagas T.O.R BD98798700.00%
B1 Oechoen67467400.00%
SERGAP eclips T.O.R-AD73973900.00%
. kamusemua NoL™-583783700.00%
SerangGwHerpes kyong -==RD==-75975900.00%
-CB- koi NoL™-293093000.00%
Baby Phoenix billy gilbert [AMP]-NW83383300.00%
a Apologize91291200.00%
C mingju T.O.R-AD86886800.00%
T.O.R bouulba T.O.R-ST1039103900.00%
TOR lolita T.O.R-ET92392300.00%