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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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17-Oct Peerbype shouted:
Barrack, Tippler, Hamlar and Garik Paraguay

17-Oct RasarusVew shouted:
Varek, Brenton, Carlos and Marik Palestinian territory, occupie

17-Oct ZapotekBymn shouted:
Grubuz, Jared, Masil and Miguel French polynesia

17-Oct Tuwascah shouted:
Rendell, Kafa, Inog and Larson Mozambique

17-Oct TarokSeew shouted:
Vigo, Jack, Mezir and Kaffu Greenland

Server statistics

Alliances 179
Players: 1,959
Villages: 15,789
Population: 9,364,573
Last updated: 07-03-2012
Server started: 03-01-2011
Info from Period:
PlayerAllianced. 29-Febd. 07-Margrowthgrowth in %
Mbah_Gendong EAST-WM™1360136000.00%
Mantika SW-BK5866586600.00%
diamondblack ALS-FF8077807700.00%
Lao Tian Zhu EAST-D8064806400.00%
windam9999 ALEXIS-F280512805100.00%
cumi EAST-CS™4641464100.00%
CAECARIS ALEXIS-F197771977700.00%
Wolf Gate [GO]RK114861148600.00%
ben-ben EAST-GBC4518451800.00%
Just Nyerang1521152100.00%
carbena ALS-FF5618561800.00%
Panglima Timur East GNE7563756300.00%
kenyacape [F8]-DC1315131500.00%
kartikaharfiyah MAHO114711147100.00%
Hot Brunette [GO]RK136331363300.00%
rwh *R*~AK4458445800.00%
Galian Sumur1908190800.00%
ryoryo ASGEB73673600.00%
nasi a[L]s-X4779477900.00%
legionare RvL-R5214521400.00%
Felix EAST-DIV2944294400.00%
SFC RK-1 [G]2120212000.00%
guantanamo a|L|s-C1817181700.00%
CANON EAST-GBC5565556500.00%
jaten a[L]s-AZ4904490400.00%
BAROXS 84 EAST-D9200920000.00%
ervina EAST™-PD2310231000.00%
vzsisp EAST-GBC2916291600.00%
MubaroK 182 EAST-GBC5209520900.00%
tEntara bAyaran5067506700.00%
mush4s1 EAST-WM™6143614300.00%
whatever EAST-EXO156101561000.00%
Azeroth a[L]s-Z6621662100.00%
dewa_el a[L]s-AZ4352435200.00%
irone arthur.. ALEXIS-F152531525300.00%
andromeda MAHO38438400.00%
Dengkul EAST-GBC3175317500.00%
Least ALEXIS-F123611236100.00%
SCORP EAST-GBC3050305000.00%
K I N G EAST-BR193541935400.00%
drow a[L]s-AZ3650365000.00%
UBI X EAST-GBC1927192700.00%
yulianto silver40940900.00%
white_knight16 EAST-GBC7767776700.00%