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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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21-Aug ralphue1 shouted:
My new hot project

21-Aug ArkadiyRok shouted:
Певица елка голая порно

21-Aug XRumerTest shouted:
Test, just a test

21-Aug KaryLof shouted:
Первый официально зарегистрированный Аналог Тагриссо

21-Aug sofyashgwa shouted:
уличные тренажеры

Server statistics

Alliances 179
Players: 1,959
Villages: 15,789
Population: 9,364,573
Last updated: 07-03-2012
Server started: 03-01-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 29-Febd. 07-Margrowthgrowth in %
Xtreme mild 1 Mild EAST-DIV93693600.00%
PEMBURU HANTU Galia Seksi a[L]s-K61361300.00%
~20101227~ kn0dn4rG EAST-BR85985900.00%
PD ONE PIECE! romawiannn {GO}RsP92292200.00%
Full moon aceng RShield™93093000.00%
RShield penyakit67667600.00%
Di Deff Bro!!! Vanhar EAST-BR96196100.00%
Shadow Fiend Nevermore EAST-GBC89789700.00%
Fake or Real ?? SBG_VaTallA EAST MYS23123100.00%
PEMBURU HANTU sukamjati ALS-FF66566500.00%
A superbowl a[L]s-NR47947900.00%
111 3 idiot EAST-EXO86186100.00%
[9]. Megan Fox RoboCrops EAST MYS80680600.00%
Real or fake chzz81281200.00%
amstronk amstronk1153115300.00%
1 anam EAST MYS1026102600.00%
2 anam EAST MYS76076000.00%
A Happy family LOAM a[L]s-H1072107200.00%
-**###BROTHER###**- maldiho74974900.00%
REAL OR FAKE Aphrodite EAST-GBC1186118600.00%
-=03=-Phalanx Aphrodite EAST-GBC88788700.00%
a[L]s secret ALS-FF89389300.00%
Darchrow Night Fury [GO]RK-137737700.00%
PD justin revaldo kades RShield™93293200.00%
HopE 7_destiny [GO]RK-194994900.00%
ONE HEART Yukina a[L]s-AS93993900.00%
Ghost Rider Lionel a[L]s-S79579500.00%
-=Royal Knights=- clover EAST MYS1009100900.00%
+hades atrofu zaman92692600.00%
REAL OR FAKE.. Diamond EAST-GBC98098000.00%
Fake or Real ?? Rooks EAST-D87987900.00%
-=Royal Knights=- LordKnight [GO]RK-197997900.00%
Fake or Real ?? justin revaldo EAST MYS98298200.00%
Never™ NeverLost EAST-GNE1015101500.00%
REAL OR FAKE? DyzZzZ EAST-ANV60760700.00%
Sungailiat tongky kojek EAST-BR1044104400.00%
Just Deffend ceo14114100.00%
fake or real?? Flamedragon EAST MYS87887800.00%
Fake or Real ?? preto EAST MYS29829800.00%
REAL OR FAKE? stringnad EAST-ANV1065106500.00%
fatih fatih EAST-GNE97097000.00%
Fake or Real ?? tongky kojek EAST-BR99399300.00%
Fake or Real ?? ciput EAST MYS96796700.00%
tongky kojek Gorok EAST-BR88188100.00%
Vanhar Gorok EAST-BR74774700.00%
PD felix 4Twelve EAST™-PD85485400.00%
RK-M A Suwunk EAST MYS1265126500.00%
FusioN JendraL Maho ALS-FF17717700.00%
dengan cacad nya. blueevox EAST-ANV87487400.00%