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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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16-Jun Riordianwoltare shouted:
Faesul, Jensgar, Daro and Will Croatia

16-Jun Matthewhew shouted:
Глядеть частное и личное секс видео русских парочек.

16-Jun Angelalenny shouted:
Looking for sex

16-Jun DomenikleW shouted:
Fabio, Kor-Shach, Vak and Corwyn Myanmar

16-Jun Aldonancary shouted:
Kelvin, Armon, Jack and Tarok Barbados

Server statistics

Alliances 179
Players: 1,959
Villages: 15,789
Population: 9,364,573
Last updated: 07-03-2012
Server started: 03-01-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 29-Febd. 07-Margrowthgrowth in %
Kawan Lama vzualboy ALS-FF1335133500.00%
F-X RedHat a[L]s-X1333133300.00%
[01] Joe joe Satriani ULTIMATE1327132700.00%
ONE HEART Lord Toni SW-BK1318131800.00%
[02] Joe joe Satriani ULTIMATE1313131300.00%
[05] Joe joe Satriani ULTIMATE1310131000.00%
[10] Joe joe Satriani ULTIMATE1306130600.00%
[03] Joe joe Satriani ULTIMATE1306130600.00%
[04] joe joe Satriani ULTIMATE1305130500.00%
[16] Joe joe Satriani ULTIMATE1301130100.00%
[06] Joe joe Satriani ULTIMATE1299129900.00%
1.Alif otonk EAST™-PD1298129800.00%
HellBoyz hellboyz EAST-NG11290129000.00%
[17] Joe joe Satriani ULTIMATE1283128300.00%
Royal Knights master317 [GO]RK-K1277127700.00%
ONE HEART Vanvash99 ALEXIS-F1276127600.00%
[11] Joe joe Satriani ULTIMATE1276127600.00%
[08] Joe joe Satriani ULTIMATE1276127600.00%
Trip & Trap Obelisk GNE-EL1275127500.00%
[07] Joe joe Satriani ULTIMATE1272127200.00%
[09] Joe joe Satriani ULTIMATE1272127200.00%
Joe&Kuin 1 joe Satriani ULTIMATE1272127200.00%
RK-M A Suwunk EAST MYS1265126500.00%
REAL OR FAKE agen EAST-GBC1263126300.00%
[12] Joe joe Satriani ULTIMATE1261126100.00%
PEMBURU HANTU evan22 a[L]s-X1260126000.00%
Augsburg t0g3 East GNE1259125900.00%
[14] Joe joe Satriani ULTIMATE1257125700.00%
REAL OR FAKE? ari yuwono EAST-ANV1250125000.00%
Desa FATUH FATUH EAST-GD1247124700.00%
[15] Joe joe Satriani ULTIMATE1240124000.00%
[13] Joe joe Satriani ULTIMATE1237123700.00%
01. Bye All Dragon Master EAST-GNE1234123400.00%
RShield besitua RShield™1230123000.00%
PEMBURU HANTU nealz111230123000.00%
Joe&Kuin joe Satriani ULTIMATE1230123000.00%
001 J. Zanetti 4 (c) kelsey EAST-GNE1227122700.00%
Royal Knights XXXI Wang Xiao Hu RK-EAST1223122300.00%
.01.. Blaster {GO}RsP1223122300.00%
Kuin 5 joe Satriani ULTIMATE1220122000.00%
MADIUN 1 amry rachim RvL- S1217121700.00%
VRoyal Knights Wang Xiao Hu RK-EAST1216121600.00%
.♥ULTIMATE♥. Anastasia ULTIMATE1215121500.00%
[18] Joe joe Satriani ULTIMATE1210121000.00%
. Shang Yuan a[L]s-UF1208120800.00%
1.GNE 1ndr4 EAST-GNE1208120800.00%
RShield polda RShield™1207120700.00%
UURoyal Knights Wang Xiao Hu RK-EAST1203120300.00%