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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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25-May ConnorJotteds shouted:
Urkrass, Rune, Snorre and Trompok Dominican republic

25-May Temmyabnorge shouted:
Jens, Oelk, Jorn and Farmon Trinidad and tobago

25-May Marlogritalf shouted:
Marus, Ayitos, Altus and Elber Malaysia

25-May Nemrokmaisa shouted:
Julio, Olivier, Mirzo and Will Colombia

25-May JustinDat shouted:
write my paper cheap

Server statistics

Alliances 213
Players: 1,895
Villages: 14,316
Population: 8,302,245
Last updated: 26-03-2012
Server started: 18-10-2010
Info from Period:
PlayerAllianced. 19-Mard. 26-Margrowthgrowth in %
usus melilit WK-99.9%4691469100.00%
begadang1 WK-DFM1723172300.00%
juman CF[NW]G1034103400.00%
sofyan BKR-Ns9286928600.00%
54m50n MJPH™4738473800.00%
NooBz WK-SRF4235423500.00%
zeptra BKR-A3768376800.00%
my4bom Pake™140661406600.00%
aocor BKR -KD2002200200.00%
D&C BKR-G4841484100.00%
King Richard BKR DNW2834283400.00%
ViRgO Pake™4894489400.00%
baiq dian r BNSchif2229342293400.00%
overdrive BKR DNW6735673500.00%
Gold D.Roger BKR-A5203520300.00%
d4rkness BKR-[HC]2524252400.00%
gaia Pake™4677467700.00%
Fairy BKR-[HC]3590359000.00%
SKY BKR™201442014400.00%
La Hire WK-D.O.B6472647200.00%
eZZot BKR™182231822300.00%
Overdose BKR™152221522200.00%
Natsu Dragneel BKR-N1699169900.00%
DEpost E-ONE4686468600.00%
Rihhad WK-R3946394600.00%
RANGER BKR-[HC]5983598300.00%
STROM BKR-A108481084800.00%
Yotsuba BKR-G9559955900.00%
Jockerz BKR-[HC]9325932500.00%
elvinz BKR-Res2355235500.00%
jcgirl BKR-P1017101700.00%
Death Note PT. LS174621746200.00%
Cindua BKR™103981039800.00%
w3w3 BKR-[HC]125591255900.00%
Pshyco WK122431224300.00%
allblack BKR-[HC]1946194600.00%
willsz BKR-[HC]5703570300.00%
afandieko BKR-D4024402400.00%
SONA BKR-R5411541100.00%
toink BKR™126971269700.00%
mahita BKR-[HC]9196919600.00%
Exiled BKR-[HC]3286328600.00%
RONNI BKR-[HC]4922492200.00%
PIRAX BKR-[HC]7672767200.00%
J_W BKR-W5577557700.00%