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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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15-Jun SerukStaiftTig shouted:
Ingvar, Cyrus, Tempeck and Mine-Boss Haiti

15-Jun AsaruStusuax shouted:
Charles, Sanford, Gorok and Rhobar Bolivia

15-Jun Edwinopton shouted:
Invest $ 15,000 in Bitcoin once and get $ 70,000 passive income per month

15-Jun BarrackEmpoPle shouted:
Barrack, Arakos, Sancho and Ugrasal Sao tome and principe

15-Jun DarylAmetimpup shouted:
Jaroll, Osmund, Bogir and Hanson Belgium

Server statistics

Alliances 247
Players: 2,228
Villages: 17,694
Population: 10,257,130
Last updated: 13-09-2011
Server started: 08-09-2010
Info from Period:
PlayerAllianced. 06-Sepd. 13-Sepgrowthgrowth in %
badak NoW-F7659765900.00%
Thermo UD5725572500.00%
tuts NoW-7th113711137100.00%
Beowolf [U]-SEC6269626900.00%
Rasta DONE-SQ2562256200.00%
wizard654zzz NoW-SN114871148700.00%
Mbah Galia RvL-WP7064706400.00%
kantong semar NoW-F5622562200.00%
Lady Electra NoW-I2945294500.00%
lunatichz NoW-S123991239900.00%
Ebonks NoW115361153600.00%
go7 NoW [C]7720772000.00%
fizh NoW [C]3080308000.00%
tonaas NOW-SS1824182400.00%
Ngiler DONE-O3280328000.00%
Amer NoW [C]6343634300.00%
caki12 KC100521005200.00%
siwobrody STD - 011327132700.00%
ishak NoW-PJ1983198300.00%
miller NOW-SG4008400800.00%
HeLLO R1V NoW [B]6053605300.00%
holyarmy12 RvL-WP4012401200.00%
Helios GoD³2169216900.00%
ainuraziz NoW [D]2898289800.00%
asuka U - IRON3781378100.00%
ferroaja NOW-SG4875487500.00%
yaiyeshuta GoD³5530553000.00%
Bloodseaker NoW-7th3567356700.00%
cryptoniac U - IRON7036703600.00%
gegege NoW [A]1898189800.00%
haydar2nd DONE-SB2917291700.00%
little_wind KC3816381600.00%
tasikmalaya NOW-SG7081708100.00%
Killbane RvL-MP2271227100.00%
BlackBirt N0W2695269500.00%
Kasih Ibu NoW202312023100.00%
Riddick NOW-SS1570157000.00%
JTR Penguins111561115600.00%
WHITEDRAGON NOW-G9747974700.00%
Star Woman NoW [D]4152415200.00%
BlackPawn NoW-T2668266800.00%
Autis 4F172401724000.00%
kuyay DONE™1967196700.00%
Senator GoD³103411034100.00%
Niwa Daisuke [U]-SKA7404740400.00%