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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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25-Sep Kirkjew shouted:
Arokkh, Mamuk, Sulfock and Urkrass San marino

25-Sep YussufSist shouted:
Dudley, Thordir, Pakwan and Khabir Colombia

25-Sep Tjalfoi shouted:
Narkam, Leon, Fedor and Dimitar Latvia

25-Sep VandornKa shouted:
Hamlar, Potros, Rocko and Fraser Montserrat

25-Sep ShakyorBaf shouted:
Quadir, Grubuz, Mitch and Vibald Uganda

Server statistics

Alliances 247
Players: 2,228
Villages: 17,694
Population: 10,257,130
Last updated: 13-09-2011
Server started: 08-09-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 06-Sepd. 13-Sepgrowthgrowth in %
PD Hora5 NWU-7th micmic NoW-7th25225200.00%
PD hora9 NWU-7th micmic NoW-7th161600.00%
PD hora8 NWU-7th micmic NoW-7th373700.00%
PD Hora7 NWU-7th micmic NoW-7th313100.00%
PD hora4 NWU-7th micmic NoW-7th47947900.00%
PD hora2 NWU-7th micmic NoW-7th74574500.00%
PD hora1 NWU-7th micmic NoW-7th93293200.00%
©NWU-7th® kutrik NoW-7th14914900.00%
Λ NWU-7th Ω kutrik NoW-7th14914900.00%
north kutrik NoW-7th22222200.00%
NoW-7th kutrik NoW-7th171700.00%
nOrth kutrik NoW-7th44744700.00%
NORTH kutrik NoW-7th99499400.00%
NORTH kutrik NoW-7th70570500.00%
PD Hora5 NWU-7th 0nt0s3n0 NoW-7th595900.00%
PD Hora6 NWU-7th 0nt0s3n0 NoW-7th282800.00%
PD hora3 NWU-7th 0nt0s3n0 NoW-7th23023000.00%
PD hora4 NWU-7th 0nt0s3n0 NoW-7th26926900.00%
PD hora2 NWU-7th 0nt0s3n0 NoW-7th63763700.00%
PD hora1 NWU-7th 0nt0s3n0 NoW-7th79279200.00%
WWS Alite NoW-7th16516500.00%
WWS Alite NoW-7th20020000.00%
CM 14 Alite NoW-7th27427400.00%
CM 03 Alite NoW-7th25925900.00%
CM 02 Alite NoW-7th46946900.00%
CM 04 Alite NoW-7th55855800.00%
CM 16 Alite NoW-7th66366300.00%
CM 15 Alite NoW-7th60060000.00%
CM 01 Alite NoW-7th91591500.00%
NoW Alite NoW-7th92492400.00%
aaaaaa cikcak RvL-WA323200.00%
aaaaa cikcak RvL-WA383800.00%
A2 cikcak RvL-WA858500.00%
aaa cikcak RvL-WA58558500.00%
aa cikcak RvL-WA39939900.00%
aaaa cikcak RvL-WA18318300.00%
A1 cikcak RvL-WA69269200.00%
Rock & Roll$ the team RvL-WA32932900.00%
Rock & Roll@ the team RvL-WA16416400.00%
Rock & Roll~ the team RvL-WA47447400.00%
Rock & Roll the team RvL-WA52452400.00%
dragonzzz dragonzzz RvL-WA72672600.00%
Dusun BBB katepenama RvL-WA21221200.00%
Desa BBB katepenama RvL-WA36936900.00%
BBB katepenama RvL-WA89889800.00%
FAKE thomztriz SEC 537537500.00%
FAKE thomztriz SEC 556056000.00%
FAKE thomztriz SEC 543143100.00%
FAKE thomztriz SEC 576376300.00%
FAKE thomztriz SEC 583583500.00%