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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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24-Oct Angirwemo shouted:
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Server statistics

Alliances 194
Players: 1,506
Villages: 17,485
Population: 11,127,188
Last updated: 12-12-2011
Server started: 25-05-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 05-Decd. 12-Decgrowthgrowth in %
0.1 TOP 1 FALU Aaron •Erdély11627162700.00%
01kar kartewo »Vazul«1418141800.00%
02MAXI allergia ± T1341134100.00%
Lobo a farkas faluja Lobo •Spárta1322132200.00%
Pusztító faluja pipec ± H1320132000.00%
enyém falu jutka99 •Spárta1302130200.00%
Maximus I.‡ krizyboy ± H1294129400.00%
petyku 1 petyku »Vazul«1290129000.00%
Megyer-HQ ǂ yen-ci ± H1282128200.00%
Flashdance Hódító •CoF1264126400.00%
Belenus sdfg&ange »Vazul«1263126300.00%
Beladon sdfg&ange »Vazul«1261126100.00%
Rosmerta sdfg&ange »Vazul«1255125500.00%
Építőmester 5x NSPlayers ±P•Z1255125500.00%
Nantosvelta sdfg&ange »Vazul«1251125100.00%
Ogmios sdfg&ange »Vazul«1249124900.00%
Sirona sdfg&ange »Vazul«1248124800.00%
Grannus sdfg&ange »Vazul«1248124800.00%
Ialonus sdfg&ange »Vazul«1248124800.00%
kicsiny falum faluja kicsiny falum »RAW«1247124700.00%
Cobold BloodElf »Vazul«1247124700.00%
Sequana sdfg&ange »Vazul«1247124700.00%
Laci009/1 Laci009 PRE-51245124500.00%
Esus sdfg&ange »Vazul«1243124300.00%
Lug sdfg&ange »Vazul«1243124300.00%
macska2 macska2 •CoF1237123700.00%
zeno01 zeno ± H1236123600.00%
01▒▓█►PlayForFun◄█▓▒ PlayForFun •Erdély11232123200.00%
Gjor Paller Scäerf Speedfire1229122900.00%
Celica FullH-D •Erdély11227122700.00%
Caturix sdfg&ange »Vazul«1226122600.00%
Alisanos sdfg&ange »Vazul«1223122300.00%
Belisama sdfg&ange »Vazul«1223122300.00%
Texas 001 Texas ± HKV1221122100.00%
Brixia sdfg&ange »Vazul«1219121900.00%
m 1 mars45 »Pegazus1219121900.00%
MATRIX Neo Pre-Dny1219121900.00%
B-9 Hantara »CSWCS«1218121800.00%
Condatis sdfg&ange »Vazul«1218121800.00%
00-Gab-cy gabdy01 Pre1218121800.00%
Dunatis sdfg&ange »Vazul«1218121800.00%
Rejtekhely:) hfc »Vazul«1217121700.00%
Citadell of Death Kray Pre-Dny1216121600.00%
Cernunnos sdfg&ange »Vazul«1216121600.00%
WW Nyílvessző szanika »Nyilas«1214121400.00%
Damona sdfg&ange »Vazul«1213121300.00%
Devona sdfg&ange »Vazul«1211121100.00%
1.Spartacus B&S Absynthe •CoF1211121100.00%
01.Cocaine El Patron »DH«1210121000.00%
Sitter vagyok Laci apa »CSWCS«1209120900.00%