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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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22-Apr CruzNuh shouted:
Taklar, Dargoth, Karmok and Knut The former yugoslav republic o

22-Apr Drywallrxs shouted:

22-Apr Mine-Bosstag shouted:
Ortega, Benito, Silvio and Yespas Ecuador

22-Apr AldoNef shouted:
Thorek, Hanson, Keldron and Topork Cambodia

22-Apr Lauraves shouted:
I am looking for a guy for sex

Server statistics

Alliances 193
Players: 2,032
Villages: 21,165
Population: 13,728,276
Last updated: 01-06-2011
Server started: 26-11-2009
Info from Period:
PlayerAllianced. 25-Mayd. 01-Jungrowthgrowth in %
www1 Ör-™3198319800.00%
Kovi M-Kiméra172611726100.00%
Ramóna Ör-™ BSM3455345500.00%
Freyja M-RFTP232192321900.00%
rém M-Kiméra116031160300.00%
Starlock25 M-HVTT-A9913991300.00%
Aranyhaj Ör-™ BSM9468946800.00%
szili83 M-AP335283352800.00%
mossy [GK]192331923300.00%
tim93 PE-ZOO40540500.00%
jimi3 M-Imm-RS134691346900.00%
mona72 M-Imm-RS1895189500.00%
luter M-Imm-RS1999199900.00%
csigusz M-AP5196519600.00%
Turulmadár Reapers9394939400.00%
Hunter Master Reapers177771777700.00%
lehi Reapers258252582500.00%
legio1 M-Kiméra127141271400.00%
Attila125 M-Imm9871987100.00%
Jupiter M - AW™4723472300.00%
kismayer {K}132601326000.00%
Iván Reapers225062250600.00%
PIT BULL1266126600.00%
Tofeq Reapers270802708000.00%
Aj Styles Klán102621026200.00%
pocok M-Imm221082210800.00%
Gorilla M-IMM-WW4421442100.00%
hargor M - AW™129091290900.00%
cintula Reapers143331433300.00%
Végbélkúp Reapers239312393100.00%
Simpson család =Delta=8272827200.00%
Smokin Aces M-IMM-WW7454745400.00%
Hurikan M-Imm-RS118901189000.00%
Venus M - AW™3436343600.00%
hercegnő =Omega=147321473200.00%
VargaKata M-HVTT-A5024502400.00%
stevegara Reapers142531425300.00%
Kyrie M - AW™5181518100.00%
BloodElf [GK]190651906500.00%
Pedro M-AP163281632800.00%
olajos RH3982398200.00%
G.Dragon M-Imm9791979100.00%
Bogár [GK]186411864100.00%
Zandorbá ZM180911809100.00%
levy in space [GK]9907990700.00%
Hitman Reapers8901890100.00%