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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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will they update this tool

Server statistics

Alliances 193
Players: 2,032
Villages: 21,165
Population: 13,728,276
Last updated: 01-06-2011
Server started: 26-11-2009
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 25-Mayd. 01-Jungrowthgrowth in %
Új falu sumix RKR-DK44144100.00%
Új falu sumix RKR-DK48548500.00%
sumix sumix RKR-DK59559500.00%
Atlantida Rancs hajnika007 RKR-DK71271200.00%
Atlantida Suncity hajnika007 RKR-DK51851800.00%
Atlantida Hoszienda hajnika007 RKR-DK1026102600.00%
tigerfalva15 tiger1976 RKR-DK17517500.00%
tigerfalva 4 tiger1976 RKR-DK98298200.00%
tigerfalva 9 tiger1976 RKR-DK84784700.00%
tigerfalva12 tiger1976 RKR-DK54754700.00%
tigerfalva 8 tiger1976 RKR-DK85085000.00%
tigerfalva13 tiger1976 RKR-DK43343300.00%
tigerfalva16 tiger1976 RKR-DK16216200.00%
tigerfalva 7 tiger1976 RKR-DK76076000.00%
tigerfalva11 tiger1976 RKR-DK56756700.00%
tigerfalva17 tiger1976 RKR-DK13513500.00%
tigerfalva10 tiger1976 RKR-DK76276200.00%
tigerfalva14 tiger1976 RKR-DK39839800.00%
tigerfalva 6 tiger1976 RKR-DK94294200.00%
tigerfalva 5 tiger1976 RKR-DK91291200.00%
tigerfalva 3 tiger1976 RKR-DK95195100.00%
tigerfalva tiger1976 RKR-DK1205120500.00%
tigerfalva 2 tiger1976 RKR-DK81681600.00%
Hadsereg Pető Gyula RKR-DK72472400.00%
Százados Pető Gyula RKR-DK56656600.00%
Tízedes Pető Gyula RKR-DK20320300.00%
Tábornok Pető Gyula RKR-DK42442400.00%
Hadnagy Pető Gyula RKR-DK535300.00%
Ezredes Pető Gyula RKR-DK36436400.00%
Katona Pető Gyula RKR-DK75475400.00%
Ivó faluja3 Ivó RKR-DK16316300.00%
Ivó faluja2 Ivó RKR-DK42542500.00%
Ivó faluja1 Ivó RKR-DK14214200.00%
A kicsi barbibaba RKR-DK999900.00%
5 barbibaba RKR-DK56756700.00%
A nagy barbibaba RKR-DK62562500.00%
4 -? (388|-131) barbibaba RKR-DK38638600.00%
Barbi Tanya barbibaba RKR-DK31531500.00%
A pici barbibaba RKR-DK636300.00%
2 barbibaba RKR-DK71971900.00%
Barbi Hause 2 barbibaba RKR-DK64664600.00%
Barbi Hause barbibaba RKR-DK99299200.00%
Vadász3 VHH15 RKR-DK24724700.00%
Vadász2 VHH15 RKR-DK46046000.00%
Vadász1 VHH15 RKR-DK57157100.00%
Vadász VHH15 RKR-DK66266200.00%
Új falu csakegyjátékos [€]-K191900.00%
kuksi csakegyjátékos [€]-K18818800.00%
tökfej csakegyjátékos [€]-K33633600.00%
pocak csakegyjátékos [€]-K44144100.00%