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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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26-May Helenninat shouted:
Revolutional package XRumer 16.0 + XEvil break ANY hard captcha

12-May Judi shouted:

12-May Judi shouted:

12-May Judi shouted:

06-May BRan shouted:
Tingus a noob

Server statistics

Alliances 193
Players: 2,032
Villages: 21,165
Population: 13,728,276
Last updated: 01-06-2011
Server started: 26-11-2009
Info from Period:
PlayerAllianced. 25-Mayd. 01-Jungrowthgrowth in %
tsoppie Reapers1100.00%
Tibi Reapers2200.00%
Vic--c-- Reapers3300.00%
DeM-o {K}4400.00%
Verebesek Klán5500.00%
Benci {K}6600.00%
Vidia [GK]7700.00%
szili83 M-AP8800.00%
-KRÁN- M - HVTT9900.00%
Ender Wiggin Reapers101000.00%
Szi-szi RKR111100.00%
wild horse {K}121200.00%
Matthaeus M-AP131300.00%
Kelencz [GK]141400.00%
-cukor- Reapers151500.00%
buszos M-RFTP161600.00%
Guminő M-RFTP171700.00%
Tofeq Reapers181800.00%
Stoci M-AP191900.00%
Oberix VIHAR202000.00%
antalantal1 M-Imm-RS212100.00%
Gallvezér M-RFTP222200.00%
medvebocs {K}232300.00%
Madman Reapers242400.00%
ajjajj M - HVTT252500.00%
Van Hol [€]262600.00%
lehi Reapers272700.00%
Tirex [GK]282800.00%
besenyő [GK]292900.00%
Go Seigen M-AP303000.00%
bedrock {K}313100.00%
Malyx M-Imm323200.00%
keresztapu M-RFTP333300.00%
Csodásrác M-RFTP343400.00%
drizzt do urden {K}353500.00%
baross14 [GK]363600.00%
tvr Reapers373700.00%
xxxCAESARxxx M-Imm383800.00%
Lukutyin Reapers393900.00%
sholya Klán404000.00%
Végbélkúp Reapers414100.00%
dragesz A-Team424200.00%
Monic M - HVTT434300.00%
watt [GK]444400.00%
F.Torres09 -ZT-454500.00%
Freyja M-RFTP464600.00%
lagavulin16 M - HVTT474700.00%
Australia {K}484800.00%
Judge {K}494900.00%
juszuf [€]505000.00%