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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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24-Oct Yorikgal shouted:
Rhobar, Milten, Pedar and Flint Nigeria

24-Oct Kennethmuh shouted:
Спазмы в животе

24-Oct Hamidquiz shouted:
Rakus, Josh, Tuwas and Thorus Denmark

24-Oct Orknaroken shouted:
Kor-Shach, Charles, Thorek and Akrabor Mexico

24-Oct Angirwemo shouted:
Kasim, Kafa, Rocko and Mazin Botswana

Server statistics

Alliances 440
Players: 3,653
Villages: 23,011
Population: 14,102,560
Last updated: 13-07-2010
Server started: 02-07-2009
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 06-Juld. 13-Julgrowthgrowth in %
02.Cicafalu Gallmacska SE-NLTH51951900.00%
01.Cicafalu Gallmacska SE-NLTH71971900.00%
Szamóca Zzizi SE-NLTH85885800.00%
Alma Zzizi SE-NLTH84584500.00%
Áfonya Zzizi SE-NLTH69369300.00%
Sárgabarack Zzizi SE-NLTH94894800.00%
Ribizli Zzizi SE-NLTH79979900.00%
8. Ernő Diablo76 SE-NLTH13713700.00%
4.Navaho Diablo76 SE-NLTH86886800.00%
5.Mapuche Diablo76 SE-NLTH76776700.00%
3.Seminole Diablo76 SE-NLTH84184100.00%
2. 666 Diablo76 SE-NLTH84484400.00%
2. Diablo Diablo76 SE-NLTH74474400.00%
1.Apache Diablo76 SE-NLTH51751700.00%
Új falu resident emil SE-NLTH818100.00%
Prága resident emil SE-NLTH22522500.00%
Várna resident emil SE-NLTH20620600.00%
SE resident emil SE-NLTH69969900.00%
Hong Kong resident emil SE-NLTH61061000.00%
Denver resident emil SE-NLTH79579500.00%
Vencouver resident emil SE-NLTH74874800.00%
Seattle resident emil SE-NLTH80880800.00%
Arkansas resident emil SE-NLTH87787700.00%
Texas resident emil SE-NLTH79379300.00%
Vegas resident emil SE-NLTH88688600.00%
Aliga geri9 SE-NLTH33833800.00%
FTC geri9 SE-NLTH99099000.00%
Anfield geri9 SE-NLTH1017101700.00%
Keresztapa geri9 SE-NLTH98698600.00%
Zsír geri9 SE-NLTH84684600.00%
ulloi129 geri9 SE-NLTH87487400.00%
12 geri9 SE-NLTH78978900.00%
23 geri9 SE-NLTH46246200.00%
Régi falu geri9 SE-NLTH61861800.00%
1979 geri9 SE-NLTH70370300.00%
Legúj falu geri9 SE-NLTH40240200.00%
Új falu geri9 SE-NLTH929200.00%
Liverpool geri9 SE-NLTH62462400.00%
Crustumelium Mest SE-NLTH82282200.00%
Scaevolania Mest SE-NLTH80180100.00%
Taciturnitae Mest SE-NLTH85585500.00%
Panemdatum Mest SE-NLTH76276200.00%
Divinorum Mest SE-NLTH81381300.00%
Coriolana Mest SE-NLTH88988900.00%
Silentium Mest SE-NLTH83883800.00%
Új falu Mest SE-NLTH55755700.00%
Új falu Mest SE-NLTH55455400.00%
Equus Mest SE-NLTH68868800.00%
Új falu Mest SE-NLTH31831800.00%
Parco Mest SE-NLTH68268200.00%