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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 126
Players: 1,290
Villages: 15,174
Population: 9,826,833
Last updated: 08-11-2011
Server started: 24-11-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 01-Novd. 08-Novgrowthgrowth in %
Dorka Atmosphere PAAA-LRD78078000.00%
Sao Atmosphere PAAA-LRD52752700.00%
Deimos Atmosphere PAAA-LRD75875800.00%
Új falu Atmosphere PAAA-LRD50050000.00%
Új falu Atmosphere PAAA-LRD49949900.00%
Új falu Atmosphere PAAA-LRD28328300.00%
Nereida Atmosphere PAAA-LRD75475400.00%
Phobosz Atmosphere PAAA-LRD61461400.00%
Proteus Atmosphere PAAA-LRD80280200.00%
Triton Atmosphere PAAA-LRD88288200.00%
Thalassa Atmosphere PAAA-LRD66966900.00%
Chiron Atmosphere PAAA-LRD78578500.00%
KILBEGGAN Whisky-s PAAA-LRD60460400.00%
Ballantines Whisky-s PAAA-LRD59959900.00%
Black Velvet Whisky-s PAAA-LRD71271200.00%
Red Breast Whisky-s PAAA-LRD56456400.00%
Glenfarclas Whisky-s PAAA-LRD72272200.00%
Port Ellen Whisky-s PAAA-LRD63963900.00%
Johnnie Walker Whisky-s PAAA-LRD70370300.00%
Chivas Regal Whisky-s PAAA-LRD1054105400.00%
Új falu Whisky-s PAAA-LRD61161100.00%
Macallan Whisky-s PAAA-LRD63263200.00%
Jin Beam Whisky-s PAAA-LRD63963900.00%
Longmorn Whisky-s PAAA-LRD66766700.00%
Old Grand Dad Whisky-s PAAA-LRD62962900.00%
Jack Daniels Whisky-s PAAA-LRD68268200.00%
Sauvignon Blanc okis PAAA-LRD57557500.00%
Új falu okis PAAA-LRD12412400.00%
Rizlingszilváni okis PAAA-LRD59259200.00%
Merlot okis PAAA-LRD66566500.00%
Tramini okis PAAA-LRD55555500.00%
Pinot Noir okis PAAA-LRD63463400.00%
Cserszegi Fűszeres okis PAAA-LRD68568500.00%
Kadarka okis PAAA-LRD68968900.00%
Irsai Olivér okis PAAA-LRD80380300.00%
Cabernet Sauvignon okis PAAA-LRD70570500.00%
[13.] Rated R Carlos&Pillangó PAAA-LRD37837800.00%
[11.] Gaby III. Carlos&Pillangó PAAA-LRD36136100.00%
[04.] Gaby Carlos&Pillangó PAAA-LRD79279200.00%
[06.] K.G. Carlos&Pillangó PAAA-LRD73373300.00%
[09.] Sopron Carlos&Pillangó PAAA-LRD61461400.00%
[08.] Gaby II Carlos&Pillangó PAAA-LRD37737700.00%
[15.] Smack down Carlos&Pillangó PAAA-LRD23723700.00%
[05.] Lepke Carlos&Pillangó PAAA-LRD76576500.00%
[12.] Gaby IV. Carlos&Pillangó PAAA-LRD21521500.00%
[07.] Miskolctapolca Carlos&Pillangó PAAA-LRD67067000.00%
[10.] Pillangó II. Carlos&Pillangó PAAA-LRD59559500.00%
[16.] Cena Carlos&Pillangó PAAA-LRD16716700.00%
[14.] Edge Carlos&Pillangó PAAA-LRD16816800.00%
[03.] Babylon Carlos&Pillangó PAAA-LRD86286200.00%