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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 119
Players: 1,099
Villages: 11,973
Population: 7,375,671
Last updated: 30-09-2011
Server started: 05-05-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 23-Sepd. 30-Sepgrowthgrowth in %
daleko lega2 ARES48948900.00%
ŽăЬōķŕēčĩŋă tovor V-O-S*91091000.00%
Paklenica haubica97 DM909000.00%
01 K.R.V ARMA19419400.00%
eL`FuNked G [06] Defecto17517500.00%
Črv Pepe ROYALS36736700.00%
Novo selo vladek LSD - w72072000.00%
01 Feel KoRm67167100.00%
ALFA -Shadow- V-O-S*1099109900.00%
000-GPD (+) viking X589389300.00%
+М-ский загогульник Sibircev X591991900.00%
freestyler 1 freestyler V-O-S95895800.00%
RUSSIA FOR FUN FoRsI X572672600.00%
x man City x man X-793893800.00%
VID mija V-O-S58758700.00%
01 Vasa Ladački badel V-O-S83883800.00%
V-O-S mum V-O-S90090000.00%
poki poki V-O-S82582500.00%
r22 r1919 KoRm65665600.00%
001_VOS r1919 KoRm55855800.00%
Požarevac ® Amstel Beer V-O-S*90790700.00%
22 Σ Stereo bool BGD FANTOM TNT®87787700.00%
1 Brutus LUDNICA79679600.00%
07.Живой рес mexx KoRm85985900.00%
[1] Converse47147100.00%
16. V-O-S -SHARK- KoRm84984900.00%
12. Злая Кормушка -SHARK- KoRm86586500.00%
15. Подарочек -SHARK- KoRm88788700.00%
-=01=- -SHARK- KoRm89189100.00%
01. (2|13) drolja56756700.00%
01 Varvarin Pozitivac V-O-S92092000.00%
1ஜThorஜ razolsd V-O-S*90190100.00%
Antarktika Ice lady V-O-S90890800.00%
V-O-S Epicentar V-O-S52052000.00%
01.prdac smradac V-O-S76076000.00%
пиво-воды GRAID KoRm91491400.00%
01.Arctic Iceman V-O-S91291200.00%
Dudo 2 x man X-791791700.00%
Kiddy Kong mum V-O-S71471400.00%
PIŠKI BORIS zomby LEGEND1130113000.00%
Vos bakica bakica-vještica V-O-S73673600.00%
Niš Amstel Beer V-O-S*1079107900.00%
MPG-01 Kampic SB V-O-S1042104200.00%
čaruga-1 čaruga V-O-S63863800.00%
V-O-S 1 Danilo Cvjetica V-O-S1115111500.00%
Ice Lady land Ice lady V-O-S67467400.00%
C1 sagitarius V-O-S1055105500.00%
Hunter x-7 VOS&Team74574500.00%
█▓▒░ 01. ░▒▓█ MOZGA-BEZ TEAM V-O-S46846800.00%
16. Тортуга ёпты mexx KoRm94694600.00%