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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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25-May Temmyabnorge shouted:
Jens, Oelk, Jorn and Farmon Trinidad and tobago

25-May Marlogritalf shouted:
Marus, Ayitos, Altus and Elber Malaysia

25-May Nemrokmaisa shouted:
Julio, Olivier, Mirzo and Will Colombia

25-May JustinDat shouted:
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25-May Yasminkneettirm shouted:
Leif, Gancka, Jerek and Dudley Tunisia

Server statistics

Alliances 119
Players: 1,099
Villages: 11,973
Population: 7,375,671
Last updated: 30-09-2011
Server started: 05-05-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 23-Sepd. 30-Sepgrowthgrowth in %
17. MoĆnI Teo AIR V-O-S1452145200.00%
001 belosev DB3K1398139800.00%
1234 djurica DB3K1381138100.00%
46 ahil TNT®1370137000.00%
35u tebe ahil TNT®1361136100.00%
bela27 bela28 DB3K1346134600.00%
20 ahil TNT®1325132500.00%
16 ahil TNT®1322132200.00%
19 ahil TNT®1320132000.00%
26 ahil TNT®1319131900.00%
11 ahil TNT®1318131800.00%
15 ahil TNT®1317131700.00%
09 ahil TNT®1314131400.00%
25 ahil TNT®1310131000.00%
kitvinovo 01 kitvin LSD - w1308130800.00%
a) Iz zatvora bugger V-O-S1306130600.00%
13 ahil TNT®1305130500.00%
43Nebeska Lepota ahil TNT®1302130200.00%
39parifarin ahil TNT®1298129800.00%
34verujem!!! ahil TNT®1297129700.00%
31 ahil TNT®1292129200.00%
27 ahil TNT®1285128500.00%
47AFGANISTAN {04} ahil TNT®1284128400.00%
22 ahil TNT®1284128400.00%
& JaMaRiCe & glory FF1279127900.00%
21 ahil TNT®1278127800.00%
42 ahil TNT®1277127700.00%
37jagode:) ahil TNT®1275127500.00%
12 ahil TNT®1275127500.00%
24 ahil TNT®1274127400.00%
44Nebeska Lepota1 ahil TNT®1274127400.00%
23 ahil TNT®1267126700.00%
28 ahil TNT®1267126700.00%
38 naturin ahil TNT®1261126100.00%
Žuti Kišobran Sexo Spin®1260126000.00%
08 ahil TNT®1258125800.00%
Crime Scene Murderer Xd V-O-S*1258125800.00%
17 ahil TNT®1257125700.00%
Pussy Galore Ales DB3K1254125400.00%
55PALESTINA {03} ahil TNT®1252125200.00%
36ljutko:) ahil TNT®1250125000.00%
10 ahil TNT®1249124900.00%
18 ahil TNT®1249124900.00%
Yellovix Žutix LEGEND1248124800.00%
29 ahil TNT®1246124600.00%
33il za novi pocetak ahil TNT®1246124600.00%
14 ahil TNT®1242124200.00%
40 doso deda ahil TNT®1241124100.00%
LSD-Aliens-Spin® Internacionale N-V-S1241124100.00%
05 ahil TNT®1240124000.00%