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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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26-Sep GornSr shouted:
Aila, Temmy, Bufford and Einar Pakistan

26-Sep Sherrykib shouted:
Все самое актуальное для женщин

26-Sep Thorekapep shouted:
Kaelin, Hauke, Asaru and Sven Indonesia

26-Sep OrknarokKA shouted:
Ernesto, Taklar, Esiel and Zarkos Venezuela

26-Sep uyahephihug shouted:
Western murdered, t11:22 transosseous wall.

Server statistics

Alliances 130
Players: 1,261
Villages: 13,779
Population: 8,941,189
Last updated: 10-01-2012
Server started: 24-11-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 03-Jand. 10-Jangrowthgrowth in %
+BANDIERA ROSSA LepKoGreh RARE85185100.00%
hipišizik metafizik LepKoGreh RARE87587500.00%
Cypress Hill begin MONI68268200.00%
Immortal Technique begin MONI38638600.00%
Army Of The Pharaohs begin MONI77777700.00%
Diabolic begin MONI61561500.00%
Big L begin MONI91191100.00%
Eazy E begin MONI63763700.00%
GangStarr begin MONI45845800.00%
Hip Hop begin MONI22322300.00%
xz kordinate mornar popaj MONI70270200.00%
xyz1 mornar popaj MONI62062000.00%
xyz kordinate(GG) mornar popaj MONI86386300.00%
xy kordinate mornar popaj MONI67067000.00%
crespo mornar popaj MONI92392300.00%
Tvrđavica Tiho MONI77777700.00%
Tihotropolis Tiho MONI81181100.00%
Pannonia nauta Tiho MONI68968900.00%
XCIX/CII Orum Tiho MONI45545500.00%
Bundaberg Rum Tiho MONI53453400.00%
Admodum remote Tiho MONI41541500.00%
XCVIII/CII Orgia Tiho MONI45545500.00%
Retfala Tiho MONI83583500.00%
Mursa Tiho MONI73473400.00%
suport3 realista MONI53253200.00%
suport6 realista MONI23823800.00%
suport5 realista MONI42142100.00%
suport4 realista MONI54354300.00%
deff_naselje realista MONI71371300.00%
suport2 realista MONI60560500.00%
suport1 realista MONI63663600.00%
off_naselje realista MONI88488400.00%
Carp fishing-trio MONI86486400.00%
Amur fishing-trio MONI78678600.00%
Mrena fishing-trio MONI75775700.00%
Catfish fishing-trio MONI89489400.00%
Babuška fishing-trio MONI59059000.00%
Pike fishing-trio MONI95395300.00%
Novo naselje kraljica nina MONI19819800.00%
Novo naselje kraljica nina MONI49349300.00%
izgubljeno blago kraljica nina MONI88088000.00%
vatromet kraljica nina MONI78978900.00%
ples za tebe kraljica nina MONI67967900.00%
brod u boci kraljica nina MONI79579500.00%
Novo naselje kraljica nina MONI59459400.00%
za mog kralja kraljica nina MONI96096000.00%
ostavi trag kraljica nina MONI92392300.00%
škatula za sne kraljica nina MONI93493400.00%
kalipso kraljica nina MONI96896800.00%
burka kraljica nina MONI85985900.00%