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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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как купить паспорт рф легально

Server statistics

Alliances 130
Players: 1,261
Villages: 13,779
Population: 8,941,189
Last updated: 10-01-2012
Server started: 24-11-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 03-Jand. 10-Jangrowthgrowth in %
W2 ivangal MONI54354300.00%
lele ivangal MONI83583500.00%
W1 ivangal MONI56056000.00%
prosto ivangal MONI66166100.00%
Bundaberg Rum ivangal MONI97897800.00%
MONI ivangal MONI73773700.00%
MAINI-U2 ivangal MONI68268200.00%
Novo naselje ivangal MONI58258200.00%
Živjeli mladenci ivangal MONI84884800.00%
3.štagalj ivangal MONI76076000.00%
Venera ivangal MONI88788700.00%
šupa ivangal MONI79679600.00%
Drlja je derpe!!! koky7872 MONI32632600.00%
Drlja je derpe!!! koky7872 MONI33233200.00%
Drlja je derpe!!! koky7872 MONI40940900.00%
Drlja je derpe!!! koky7872 MONI73473400.00%
Drlja je derpe!!! koky7872 MONI69769700.00%
Drlja je derpe!!! koky7872 MONI71971900.00%
Drlja je derpe!!! koky7872 MONI83683600.00%
Drlja je derpe!!! koky7872 MONI77677600.00%
Drlja je derpe!!! koky7872 MONI59759700.00%
Drlja je derpe!!! koky7872 MONI1014101400.00%
15 Andreja boscha MONI51551500.00%
07 OMGWTF boscha MONI60860800.00%
08 Zombie boscha MONI66366300.00%
11 Ricochet Effect boscha MONI58258200.00%
04 Lanicor boscha MONI78178100.00%
09 Posing as me boscha MONI67667600.00%
14 Adagio For String boscha MONI54954900.00%
13 Elements of Life boscha MONI53753700.00%
06 Hablando boscha MONI64464400.00%
02 Libido boscha MONI63163100.00%
12 Gatex boscha MONI53053000.00%
10 I am Ready boscha MONI65465400.00%
05 Carbon Occasions boscha MONI68868800.00%
NAV boscha MONI95495400.00%
112 Goss MONI58258200.00%
Justin Sullivan Goss MONI75175100.00%
Suso Goss MONI77277200.00%
ZSMM Goss MONI76176100.00%
Fudo Goss MONI87087000.00%
Kupus Kelj Goss MONI92192100.00%
ŠIMLJANIK božo hajduk MONI64364300.00%
GAREŠNICA božo hajduk MONI63663600.00%
PODGARIĆ božo hajduk MONI80180100.00%
WW naselje2 božo hajduk MONI54654600.00%
WW naselje1 božo hajduk MONI55555500.00%
ZADNJE SELO božo hajduk MONI34634600.00%
OŠTRI ZID božo hajduk MONI61361300.00%
NOVO SELO božo hajduk MONI69269200.00%