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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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17-Oct ZapotekBymn shouted:
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17-Oct Tuwascah shouted:
Rendell, Kafa, Inog and Larson Mozambique

17-Oct TarokSeew shouted:
Vigo, Jack, Mezir and Kaffu Greenland

17-Oct Spikeen shouted:
Rozhov, Givess, Gonzales and Surus Malawi

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Server statistics

Alliances 185
Players: 1,756
Villages: 15,803
Population: 8,810,688
Last updated: 13-02-2012
Server started: 05-05-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 06-Febd. 13-Febgrowthgrowth in %
羊02村 懒羊羊 G.O.D壹軍68268200.00%
05 女人 AWE-東南傳奇69769700.00%
06 女人 AWE-東南傳奇63863800.00%
07 女人 AWE-東南傳奇37837800.00%
04 女人 AWE-東南傳奇68568500.00%
01 女人 AWE-東南傳奇75775700.00%
02 女人 AWE-東南傳奇76476400.00%
03 女人 AWE-東南傳奇77377300.00%
4.第二軍團二隊 icefireman AWE-東南傳奇83083000.00%
3.第一軍團(7X7勿開) icefireman AWE-東南傳奇97997900.00%
2.第三軍團 icefireman AWE-東南傳奇81481400.00%
8.特殊部隊 icefireman AWE-東南傳奇62962900.00%
5.第四軍團 icefireman AWE-東南傳奇72372300.00%
00 icefireman AWE-東南傳奇23023000.00%
6.第三軍團二隊 icefireman AWE-東南傳奇72672600.00%
7.第二軍團三隊 icefireman AWE-東南傳奇68068000.00%
9.已con,勿打 icefireman AWE-東南傳奇51151100.00%
1.第二軍團總隊 icefireman AWE-東南傳奇89389300.00%
新村莊 ares AWE-東南傳奇15315300.00%
新村莊 ares AWE-東南傳奇16216200.00%
Sunday ares AWE-東南傳奇80280200.00%
Saturday ares AWE-東南傳奇82782700.00%
March ares AWE-東南傳奇81081000.00%
Friday ares AWE-東南傳奇84184100.00%
新村莊 ares AWE-東南傳奇12112100.00%
新村莊 ares AWE-東南傳奇17617600.00%
新村莊 ares AWE-東南傳奇15915900.00%
April ares AWE-東南傳奇79379300.00%
新村莊 ares AWE-東南傳奇16816800.00%
新村莊 ares AWE-東南傳奇17917900.00%
新村莊 ares AWE-東南傳奇20920900.00%
新村莊 ares AWE-東南傳奇2200.00%
May ares AWE-東南傳奇68868800.00%
June ares AWE-東南傳奇58158100.00%
July ares AWE-東南傳奇50950900.00%
新村莊 ares AWE-東南傳奇585800.00%
Thursday ares AWE-東南傳奇83283200.00%
Tuesday ares AWE-東南傳奇38338300.00%
January ares AWE-東南傳奇86586500.00%
Wednesday ares AWE-東南傳奇89689600.00%
February ares AWE-東南傳奇82182100.00%
Monday ares AWE-東南傳奇95295200.00%
唔玩了 0v0 AWE-東南傳奇49849800.00%
唔玩了 0v0 AWE-東南傳奇61361300.00%
唔玩了 0v0 AWE-東南傳奇56056000.00%
唔玩了 0v0 AWE-東南傳奇34734700.00%
唔玩了 0v0 AWE-東南傳奇71071000.00%
唔玩了 0v0 AWE-東南傳奇62362300.00%
唔玩了 0v0 AWE-東南傳奇70570500.00%
唔玩了 0v0 AWE-東南傳奇62462400.00%