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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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19-May Mitchephesiubs shouted:
Giores, Kent, Emet and Jorn Saint vincent and the grenadin

19-May Karmoksaubbarge shouted:
Daryl, Osko, Rocko and Pranck Comoros

19-May Michaelthape shouted:
Protect yourself against the ongoing trade war between USA and China

19-May Warrennix shouted:
Гороскопы 2019 -2020 года

19-May SinikarRew shouted:
Tjalf, Rathgar, Umbrak and Orknarok Brazil

Server statistics

Alliances 185
Players: 1,756
Villages: 15,803
Population: 8,810,688
Last updated: 13-02-2012
Server started: 05-05-2011
Info from Period:
PlayerAllianced. 06-Febd. 13-Febgrowthgrowth in %
小小GP 星塵戰1100.00%
鬼葬x丫朗 PEACE*回憶2200.00%
蒼天神龍 PEACE*回憶3300.00%
Neko 瘋人療養院4400.00%
rin 星塵™-兄弟盟5500.00%
狄倫萊妮 星塵™-星星6600.00%
桐谷和人 星塵戰7700.00%
蔡天翎 星塵™-森羅殿8800.00%
暗夜驚剎 星塵™WW9900.00%
漫天雪月 星塵戰101000.00%
rikoyang 星塵™-森羅殿111100.00%
月下戰儀 PEACE121200.00%
Jaguar 星塵™-叮叮131300.00%
killer 星塵戰141400.00%
topmen PEACE151500.00%
nkk 瘋人療養院161600.00%
Sapphire 星塵™-森羅殿171700.00%
karen 瘋人療養院181800.00%
康師傅 星塵戰191900.00%
stone 星塵戰202000.00%
vodka 星塵戰212100.00%
九奶奶 星塵™-森羅殿222200.00%
Fate 星塵戰232300.00%
HoTing 星塵戰242400.00%
星之聲 AWE東南總盟252500.00%
Jason_368 AWE東南總盟262600.00%
平民 PEACE272700.00%
巨盾 星塵™WW282800.00%
chungmanhung 星塵™帝皇星292900.00%
pana 星塵™-森羅殿303000.00%
DeepBlue AWE東南總盟313100.00%
石勒 星塵™-森羅殿323200.00%
衛靈公 星塵™ 鐵龜333300.00%
Baal 星塵戰343400.00%
happy 星塵™燎原353500.00%
GoldBall 星塵™WW363600.00%
罗汉 G.O.D近衛壹373700.00%
德先生 AWE東南總盟383800.00%
anakin PEACE393900.00%
abcd 星塵戰404000.00%
奕嵐 傾國傾城414100.00%
YenBB 星塵™上帝424200.00%
speed G.O.D肆軍434300.00%
falcon AWE-西南總盟444400.00%
小熊維利 星塵戰454500.00%
底橫屎忽鬼 星塵™-侵南464600.00%
Superboy 自由系列474700.00%
iwillbeback G.O.D總盟484800.00%
royer 星塵.494900.00%
紅茶妺 星塵戰505000.00%