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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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26-Sep GornSr shouted:
Aila, Temmy, Bufford and Einar Pakistan

26-Sep Sherrykib shouted:
Все самое актуальное для женщин

26-Sep Thorekapep shouted:
Kaelin, Hauke, Asaru and Sven Indonesia

26-Sep OrknarokKA shouted:
Ernesto, Taklar, Esiel and Zarkos Venezuela

26-Sep uyahephihug shouted:
Western murdered, t11:22 transosseous wall.

Server statistics

Alliances 244
Players: 2,379
Villages: 18,405
Population: 11,196,767
Last updated: 13-06-2010
Server started: 08-09-2009
Info from Period:
PlayerAllianced. 06-Jund. 13-Jungrowthgrowth in %
苦劫輪迴 145361453600.00%
丫小寒丫 忍-SW7748774800.00%
dragon 暴雨1552155200.00%
kiddult 火星朋友7836783600.00%
魯魯修V不列顛 神聖不列顛帝國1529152900.00%
bigball 忍II118391183900.00%
s h i 忍SE I137451374500.00%
Despair Soul 忍-暫時盟1748174800.00%
雪碧 U.N.E240072400700.00%
jacklai 忍SE I120011200100.00%
jimmy226 忍-SEII170401704000.00%
Aldrich U.N.E.F1023102300.00%
settler 忍SE I213112131100.00%
gamefish 忍SE I253162531600.00%
J.Lionstone 忍SE I188331883300.00%
hermesh99 農盟227772277700.00%
cat 忍-SW7661766100.00%
UTAS 忍SE I209922099200.00%
lys 忍-宿命8065806500.00%
inmysight 忍-WW314303143000.00%
推背圖 忍-WW209442094400.00%
HAHAHA 忍-WW574035740300.00%
guyveriii 忍-宿命158181581800.00%
RX-78 180131801300.00%
Reborn! U.N.E.W9752975200.00%
星月 忍-SW I7059705900.00%
gabriel22996 U.N.E.T8368836800.00%
heman U.N.E.W2135213500.00%
BB豬SO雪 181741817400.00%
louislo U.N.E.W282982829800.00%
Lycoris 忍-WW131251312500.00%
這不是啃德雞 忍-SW3037303700.00%
zzzzshing U.N.E.W105021050200.00%
kevin4b8 忍-SW6324632400.00%
寶兒村 U.N.E.T9314931400.00%
3q 忍-SW I8232823200.00%
wsk22 忍-SW I153691536900.00%
Satan 忍-SE2019201900.00%
石頭飯 忍-SE-IV6401640100.00%
Qoo01 忍-SW8132813200.00%
雄霸天下 忍-SW156801568000.00%