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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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25-Mar FlintDeX shouted:
Arokkh, Grubuz, Bradley and Tempeck Malaysia

25-Mar HogarSwiva shouted:
Sebastian, Ingvar, Dan and Boss Burkina faso

25-Mar Gorokrot shouted:
Grimboll, Eusebio, Agenak and Agenak Guyana

25-Mar MariusBoavaBymn shouted:
Yokian, Tizgar, Rendell and Sinikar Belarus

25-Mar GrompelIncurgY shouted:
Mezir, Gembak, Rakus and Gnar Fiji

Server statistics

Alliances 244
Players: 2,379
Villages: 18,405
Population: 11,196,767
Last updated: 13-06-2010
Server started: 08-09-2009
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 06-Jund. 13-Jungrowthgrowth in %
elengii uleng CT中華隊71871800.00%
無人村5 kanasd CT中華隊24424400.00%
無人村4 kanasd CT中華隊28028000.00%
無人村3 kanasd CT中華隊64564500.00%
無人村2 kanasd CT中華隊74474400.00%
無人村1 kanasd CT中華隊91691600.00%
最後了 不死頑童 CT中華隊898900.00%
山洞-防兵洞 不死頑童 CT中華隊989800.00%
山洞-攻兵洞 不死頑童 CT中華隊989800.00%
穀田 不死頑童 CT中華隊29429400.00%
山洞-穀田洞 不死頑童 CT中華隊45245200.00%
山洞-和平洞 不死頑童 CT中華隊56156100.00%
和平砍帳了 ( ̄﹃ ̄) 不死頑童 CT中華隊66666600.00%
Kristone Palace Kristone CT中華隊91391300.00%
Stone Hill Kristone CT中華隊54354300.00%
Stone Town Kristone CT中華隊9900.00%
Stone Village Kristone CT中華隊46546500.00%
Stone Farm Kristone CT中華隊56256200.00%
新村莊 Richard12390 CT中華隊676700.00%
焰紅磚都 Richard12390 CT中華隊34234200.00%
廢墟死城 Richard12390 CT中華隊30130100.00%
&天樞& tommyfong9 CT中華隊60860800.00%
13 LinkHK CT中華隊27927900.00%
12 LinkHK CT中華隊40540500.00%
05 Wetland Park LinkHK CT中華隊69569500.00%
10 LinkHK CT中華隊40440400.00%
11 LinkHK CT中華隊62462400.00%
01 Disney land LinkHK CT中華隊1027102700.00%
09 LinkHK CT中華隊353500.00%
14 LinkHK CT中華隊15815800.00%
15 LinkHK CT中華隊434300.00%
07 HK Space Museum LinkHK CT中華隊76476400.00%
02 Victoria Harbour LinkHK CT中華隊73873800.00%
08 Giant Buddha LinkHK CT中華隊72772700.00%
06 Ngong Ping 360 LinkHK CT中華隊74074000.00%
03 Ocean Park LinkHK CT中華隊69469400.00%
04 Peak HK LinkHK CT中華隊74674600.00%
goodpeople88 goodpeople99 CT中華隊272700.00%
goodpeople99 goodpeople99 CT中華隊67967900.00%
第一條廢村 neo123 CT中華隊68268200.00%
第二條廢村 neo123 CT中華隊13213200.00%
新村莊 暗影&夜月 CT中華隊131300.00%
新村莊 暗影&夜月 CT中華隊636300.00%
新村莊 暗影&夜月 CT中華隊13013000.00%
CT-1 暗影&夜月 CT中華隊50050000.00%
CT中華帝國之龍III 帝國之龍 CT中華隊313100.00%
CT中華帝國之龍II 帝國之龍 CT中華隊10210200.00%
CT中華帝國之龍 帝國之龍 CT中華隊50050000.00%
3 rodeny1995 CT中華隊21221200.00%
1 rodeny1995 CT中華隊82982900.00%