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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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15-Jun SerukStaiftTig shouted:
Ingvar, Cyrus, Tempeck and Mine-Boss Haiti

15-Jun AsaruStusuax shouted:
Charles, Sanford, Gorok and Rhobar Bolivia

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15-Jun BarrackEmpoPle shouted:
Barrack, Arakos, Sancho and Ugrasal Sao tome and principe

15-Jun DarylAmetimpup shouted:
Jaroll, Osmund, Bogir and Hanson Belgium

Server statistics

Alliances 244
Players: 2,379
Villages: 18,405
Population: 11,196,767
Last updated: 13-06-2010
Server started: 08-09-2009
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 06-Jund. 13-Jungrowthgrowth in %
≧x≦ o瑚x 淚*羽翼303000.00%
≧○≦ o瑚x 淚*羽翼40040000.00%
≧□≦ o瑚x 淚*羽翼33933900.00%
≧△≦ o瑚x 淚*羽翼76076000.00%
豆腐村莊 amylaw 淚*羽翼969600.00%
蕃茄村莊 amylaw 淚*羽翼32532500.00%
薯仔村莊 amylaw 淚*羽翼74874800.00%
04.衛城.伊修巴爾 螢火 §圍城§18618600.00%
01.帝都.海勒斯 螢火 §圍城§75575500.00%
03.武會.克羅諾斯 螢火 §圍城§31731700.00%
02.督府.亞特米斯 螢火 §圍城§43443400.00%
00.王都.奧斯提亞 螢火 §圍城§36836800.00%
..liliy liliy CT中華隊10010000.00%
.liliy liliy CT中華隊60660600.00%
123456789[#0] 蔡亞真 CT中華隊26826800.00%
054kam CT中華隊26626600.00%
054kam CT中華隊29329300.00%
054kam CT中華隊62962900.00%
054kam CT中華隊606000.00%
054kam CT中華隊22422400.00%
054kam CT中華隊20620600.00%
054kam CT中華隊141400.00%
054kam CT中華隊252500.00%
054kam CT中華隊50750700.00%
054kam CT中華隊353500.00%
054kam CT中華隊19419400.00%
新村莊 pisces CT中華隊18318300.00%
新村莊 pisces CT中華隊8800.00%
新村莊 pisces CT中華隊12012000.00%
新村莊 pisces CT中華隊444400.00%
新村莊 pisces CT中華隊535300.00%
新村莊 pisces CT中華隊262600.00%
新村莊 pisces CT中華隊14614600.00%
新村莊 pisces CT中華隊686800.00%
新村莊 pisces CT中華隊17817800.00%
喔~~~ pisces CT中華隊97097000.00%
qq pisces CT中華隊87787700.00%
pisces CT中華隊42142100.00%
pisces CT中華隊73773700.00%
pisces CT中華隊80180100.00%
pp pisces CT中華隊29929900.00%
新村莊 abcde123 CT中華隊29629600.00%
新村莊 abcde123 CT中華隊13413400.00%
b村 abcde123 CT中華隊66166100.00%
a村 abcde123 CT中華隊94194100.00%
酒池「慾」林 vic34 CT中華隊60260200.00%
新村莊 lotonexe CT中華隊23923900.00%
新村莊 lotonexe CT中華隊424200.00%
Chlorine係一種metal lotonexe CT中華隊65565500.00%
HCl的pH值=13 lotonexe CT中華隊58158100.00%