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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 244
Players: 2,379
Villages: 18,405
Population: 11,196,767
Last updated: 13-06-2010
Server started: 08-09-2009
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 06-Jund. 13-Jungrowthgrowth in %
01. 渾沌 fongfong 忍SE I64764700.00%
01 sky1122 忍II98898800.00%
10. wilsonchan 忍-WW93893800.00%
C10. Toowoomba jackalkh791 忍-宿命1019101900.00%
多謝 sunny 解決兵的問題 jackalkh791 忍-宿命98698600.00%
世界奇蹟勝利決定戰 周郎 忍-WW96896800.00%
01.中環 hihi5251016101600.00%
01 Ryan 忍SP84684600.00%
01.要玩就玩大點 丫小寒丫 忍-SW1027102700.00%
ZZ. bb.zzzz bigball 忍II83083000.00%
01.1 富豪花園- 勁人的花園 s h i 忍SE I1065106500.00%
01.此村防兵由inmysight供應 Despair Soul 忍-暫時盟99599500.00%
[B-01]B.快樂工廠 雪碧 U.N.E98798700.00%
只求一撞 jacklai 忍SE I88388300.00%
大家樂 jimmy226 忍-SEII91391300.00%
我來東北嘩嘩嘩 settler 忍SE I1005100500.00%
14. 月城II gamefish 忍SE I98898800.00%
01. 月城 gamefish 忍SE I88688600.00%
攞你命 推倒76276200.00%
01. 呼保義宋江 RX-78 68068000.00%
兵臨城下 雄霸天下 忍-SW63263200.00%
19.新女 wun 忍SE I96196100.00%
a3.. drmario 忍-宿命92192100.00%
20.苗疆Ⅲ dragonhw 忍SE I1032103200.00%
歡迎光臨請你吃4個蛋0000 大俠狗狗47447400.00%
00 J.Lionstone 忍SE I97997900.00%
Glory Of West South cat 忍-SW88988900.00%
B01 UTAS 忍SE I92892800.00%
aph lys 忍-宿命91891800.00%
01..令令大L inmysight 忍-WW1058105800.00%
C6 手弄乾坤何日休 推背圖 忍-WW1025102500.00%
我來東北嘩嘩嘩 推背圖 忍-WW1060106000.00%
000奇史一村x HAHAHA 忍-WW1047104700.00%
只求一撞 guyveriii 忍-宿命91891800.00%
恩將仇報者~殺! RX-78 97697600.00%
Glory Of West South 星月 忍-SW I1061106100.00%
禁禁 -SNOW 冇義氣, 掉低我一個人 BB豬SO雪 84884800.00%
L11 louislo U.N.E.W1061106100.00%
L1莊 louislo U.N.E.W1076107600.00%
01.ε=ヾ(*・∀・)/ Lycoris 忍-WW93593500.00%
01.因為這是肯德基 這不是啃德雞 忍-SW85385300.00%
001三國演義 kevin4b8 忍-SW96996900.00%
寶城 寶兒村 U.N.E.T37237200.00%
hallowen 3q 忍-SW I97997900.00%
05.OK wsk22 忍-SW I90890800.00%
C09. Hobart jackalkh791 忍-宿命1102110200.00%
腿蛋治(B)2 大家樂 石頭飯 忍-SE-IV69769700.00%
利根 Qoo01 忍-SW1052105200.00%
01.紫劉輝 IceMan98298200.00%
世界奇蹟勝利決定戰 雄霸天下 忍-SW1132113200.00%