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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 78
Players: 1,003
Villages: 12,184
Population: 7,442,548
Last updated: 13-02-2012
Server started: 10-05-2010
Info from Period:
PlayerAllianced. 06-Febd. 13-Febgrowthgrowth in %
黑城 黑洞-I137841378400.00%
KeineAhnung 銀河.[壹]124771247700.00%
mark! 大能樂園150541505400.00%
雷城 黑洞-I120121201200.00%
pk46709394 黑洞N33660366000.00%
龍仔xD 黑洞-III5257525700.00%
kIduLtS 黑洞S.5050505000.00%
lokman 黑洞N1116661166600.00%
旦旦 黑洞NX121201212000.00%
Traver Fox 銀河-[叁]8170817000.00%
wance 黑洞N18673867300.00%
卍達卍 黑洞-NE9003900300.00%
CAR 銀河-[貳]143831438300.00%
vincent459 銀河.[壹]2018201800.00%
飛點點 黑洞N42092209200.00%
SK II 銀河SK II186041860400.00%
vic03030 銀河-[狼]8921892100.00%
tonysze0316 黑洞-V115681156800.00%
fifi 銀河-[狼]124351243500.00%
大頭仔 黑洞-Mirac193491934900.00%
shing36 哥斯拉piu鬼123821238200.00%
ZxxZ 銀河-[龜]101001010000.00%
銀狼 黑洞N2101461014600.00%
cj 黑洞N16162616200.00%
班花 黑洞N16892689200.00%
Birger Jarl 銀河.[壹]7805780500.00%
kkwong 銀河.[M&M]9708970800.00%
拎北啊佑 銀河-[狼]9007900700.00%
Ass 銀河.[壹]140701407000.00%
wfmo 黑洞N1113061130600.00%
恨-海草 銀河-[龜]162051620500.00%
GAG 黑洞-6669129912900.00%
bird 黑洞-Mirac105021050200.00%
RC 黑洞N19097909700.00%
ray 黑洞-II4934493400.00%
Y_Y 黑洞-666118141181400.00%
phantom0735 銀河-[狼]124121241200.00%
絕對空虛 黑洞N52726272600.00%
戰士號郎 黑洞-I2698269800.00%
tom120 黑洞N17022702200.00%
kckc 黑洞奇觀7829782900.00%
旋星寒 黑洞N17265726500.00%
NakaMuRa 黑洞-零6598659800.00%
tom 黑洞S.101641016400.00%
x-terry 黑洞N4128381283800.00%
sugarkei 銀河.[壹]228192281900.00%
poiklkhl 銀河-[貳]163311633100.00%