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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 110
Players: 1,116
Villages: 11,456
Population: 6,892,992
Last updated: 13-02-2012
Server started: 24-11-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 06-Febd. 13-Febgrowthgrowth in %
與世無爭 www MAD-聖1659165900.00%
無資 hkf MAD-re1464146400.00%
The One Kingarms MAD-西北2軍1400140000.00%
N 01 nigo nigo 自閉1359135900.00%
J有本事真攻我啊 不要抢夺 VILION MAD西南1274127400.00%
188 golden88 QVQ1267126700.00%
B1. [做咩咁衰格連同盟都打] Dicky2315 MAD-西北1軍1266126600.00%
mad西南禮義廉 霸氣 MAD-西北1軍1266126600.00%
00 S.terry MAD-re1253125300.00%
00 Summer MAD西南1253125300.00%
B2. Earth Dicky2315 MAD-西北1軍1247124700.00%
[01]全彈發射 田少 破幻新星41234123400.00%
mad西南禮義廉 霸氣 MAD-西北1軍1229122900.00%
ES02 Easy MAD西南1227122700.00%
傻(sheep)快被車爆了~爽^^ maron MAD-相1223122300.00%
**Gnik 2* gnik MAD-re1216121600.00%
mad西南禮義廉 霸氣 MAD-西北1軍1215121500.00%
夜雁 chaska 退休1209120900.00%
mad西南禮義廉 霸氣 MAD-西北1軍1207120700.00%
manmandog1的村莊 manmandog 自閉1204120400.00%
No.1 -0-kahang 破幻新星21198119800.00%
2.1 tsg 燎原1197119700.00%
防羊之災 森池小寶寶 MAD-碼1191119100.00%
mad西南禮義廉 霸氣 MAD-西北1軍1191119100.00%
mad西南禮義廉 霸氣 MAD-西北1軍1186118600.00%
MAD稱霸 天堂1182118200.00%
mad西南禮義廉 霸氣 MAD-西北1軍1179117900.00%
00 黃金之城 黃金甲蟲 MAD-re1177117700.00%
一劍封喉 samurai MAD-聖1174117400.00%
辛苦大家.^^ swmin MAD西南1172117200.00%
01 S.terry MAD-re1172117200.00%
aesopq937232 破幻新星41172117200.00%
村莊 ywy MAD-西北1軍1171117100.00%
mad西南禮義廉 霸氣 MAD-西北1軍1169116900.00%
0.1 s081138 MAD-西北三軍1167116700.00%
Z-1 Z-Gundam 破幻之眼-終極盟1166116600.00%
方暉--騎兵 oddodd MAD-西北2軍1165116500.00%
01祝飛早生貴子 R-87 MAD西南1165116500.00%
00.我都想升英 紅眼仔 MAD西南1161116100.00%
LMA XI prelude579 MAD-西北4軍1159115900.00%
st01 stevensou MAD-相1156115600.00%
B2-Louis Vuitton Kavin.VV MAD-星1153115300.00%
做咩咁衰格連同盟都打 shing09 MAD-西北2軍1152115200.00%
我要鬧新房 天外之天 MAD-俥1148114800.00%
諸神黄昏 ycgn1991 MAD-re1147114700.00%
赤兔馬 siuray MAD-西北2軍1141114100.00% appleloves MAD西南1140114000.00%
諸神黃昏 gov MAD-碼1139113900.00%
JACK的村莊 jackson2003 MAD-星1137113700.00%
大象的眼淚 印象湖 MAD西南1136113600.00%