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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 152
Players: 1,265
Villages: 11,414
Population: 6,752,108
Last updated: 12-12-2011
Server started: 08-09-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 05-Decd. 12-Decgrowthgrowth in %
大海-茱比亞‧洛克沙 strokefreedom HOTCHA14814800.00%
天龍-溫蒂‧瑪貝爾 strokefreedom HOTCHA23623600.00%
妖精女王-艾爾莎‧史卡雷特 strokefreedom HOTCHA70770700.00%
露西‧哈特菲利亞 strokefreedom HOTCHA53053000.00%
男生隊 pvc03 dream57557500.00%
紐維爾舊生 pvc03 dream65065000.00%
聖羅倫素 pvc03 dream59859800.00%
小保加 pvc03 dream79979900.00%
小阿根庭人 pvc03 dream77377300.00%
拉魯斯 pvc03 dream70370300.00%
堤格雷 pvc03 dream57757700.00%
沙蘭迪兵工廠 pvc03 dream60460400.00%
新村莊 pvc03 dream20920900.00%
班菲特 pvc03 dream67367300.00%
新村莊 pvc03 dream40540500.00%
颶風隊 pvc03 dream65265200.00%
競賽隊 pvc03 dream66466400.00%
獨立隊 pvc03 dream70970900.00%
癈柴!冇秒殺 pvc03 dream14814800.00%
人間樂土 yoyo1234 dream70170100.00%
與世無爭 yoyo1234 dream69869800.00%
永恆天地 yoyo1234 dream71971900.00%
與世隔絕 yoyo1234 dream79179100.00%
yoyo yoyo1234 dream94894800.00%
記得我嗎?我就係s1無賴王 yoyo1234 dream85985900.00%
海角天涯 yoyo1234 dream69769700.00%
新村莊 yoyo1234 dream57257200.00%
樂園路 yoyo1234 dream51351300.00%
極樂樂土 yoyo1234 dream71871800.00%
黑洞 yoyo1234 dream71671600.00%
西方極樂 yoyo1234 dream69769700.00%
天外有天 yoyo1234 dream69469400.00%
世外桃園 yoyo1234 dream74374300.00%
新村莊 小消子 鐵血長空313100.00%
GELds 小消子 鐵血長空32032000.00%
ck4 ckchao1124 Elite-罡15915900.00%
ck3 ckchao1124 Elite-罡52252200.00%
ck1 ckchao1124 Elite-罡83483400.00%
ck2 ckchao1124 Elite-罡74974900.00%
新村莊 keeper Elite-罡60660600.00%
新村莊 keeper Elite-罡76876800.00%
新村莊 keeper Elite-罡48348300.00%
新村莊 keeper Elite-罡22822800.00%
新村莊 keeper Elite-罡13813800.00%
B Z-Gundam Elite-罡28128100.00%
A Z-Gundam Elite-罡85685600.00%
My 2nd村莊 s0541s0218 -KF@總盟13613600.00%
My 1st村莊 s0541s0218 -KF@總盟48248200.00%
飛飛城邦 fahrenheit55 飛245045000.00%
小村莊 鍵仔 P.Walker21421400.00%