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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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I'm seeking a developper to help me with the site. ... read more

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Server statistics

Alliances 152
Players: 1,265
Villages: 11,414
Population: 6,752,108
Last updated: 12-12-2011
Server started: 08-09-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 05-Decd. 12-Decgrowthgrowth in %
拉夫德鲁 楓靈 Wewoo-51343134300.00%
首都-諾爾 聖騎 @星神31317131700.00%
01. Marshall Islands Aarenlam Wewoo-41293129300.00%
JackJack村莊 deadhead @星神41287128700.00%
END AChilless 星神特別不正常盟1285128500.00%
0 ))YT(( 0 Y.T.W @§BW§ 總盟1273127300.00%
01.月の村 yuhi123456 @§BW§SE41266126600.00%
岡崎 渚 lskvincent @§BW§SE41252125200.00%
讓子彈飛 sks @星神NE1248124800.00%
[E-1] #玉滿樓 edwardwong0927 @星神-夜1243124300.00%
[01] 明鏡止水 NU-E1231123100.00%
01 alexpmwong @§BW§SE41227122700.00%
S1最後的約會 propro @臨時星神NE1225122500.00%
00 vindicator 星神1219121900.00%
01. 村 SodiumHydroxide 星神1210121000.00%
星光 wong1231 @星神51206120600.00%
讓子彈飛 chihim97 星神特別不正常盟1193119300.00%
【超級巨星】 夜星 星神特別不正常盟1189118900.00%
為東南洗太平地出一分力 plastickin25 @§BW§ 總盟1187118700.00%
御坂美琴-01(讓子彈飛) s031508 @星神幼稚園1187118700.00%
我要寶寶 KIP Wewoo-41184118400.00%
02 殖裝體【帝騎】 sisterhelp 8 001182118200.00%
三千院凪 keith chan @§BW§北軸會1177117700.00%
咪再搞我ac 初始 Wewoo-41172117200.00%
New York Cheese*=] ph_bus1169116900.00%
為東南洗太平地出一分力 ericjim2006 @§BW§SE41168116800.00%
A.A humson997 Wewoo-41167116700.00%
FRIEND BoyPlayer @星神1165116500.00%
讓子彈飛 parrot123 星神1165116500.00%
星神世界奇觀[非常感激支援!請送米] ching_eeeee 星神1165116500.00%
岡崎 汐 lskvincent @§BW§SE41158115800.00%
釣魚臺 純白惡夢 @星神幼稚園1154115400.00%
=LAiTuNG= tung08071153115300.00%
風之谷 星神送你一顆星 風雲 @星神31153115300.00%
1011=★★ sks @星神NE1150115000.00%
Dog Dog Wewoo-41147114700.00%
Hans01 hanssze @星神SW31146114600.00%
為東南洗太平地出一分力 和平之鄉 @§BW§SE41146114600.00%
04 鈹 Beryllium 溫書整核彈 Wewoo-41142114200.00%
讓子彈飛 hk 星神1141114100.00%
讓子彈飛 kingcar 星神特別不正常盟1140114000.00%
Forrest 1 JOEMAN @§BW§ 總盟1139113900.00%
01 主防~ vic1988 @星神41137113700.00%
讓子彈飛 walkerchan 星神1135113500.00%
#00 飛天貓 thinnyalex 星神1134113400.00%
01.博麗神社 博麗靈夢1134113400.00%
Pussy Sheep Kit 星神1133113300.00%
龍破壞之証 dragon Wewoo-41132113200.00%
天無不散之筵席 乂小俊乂 @星神幼稚園1132113200.00%
天道 A02 天道 @星神41131113100.00%