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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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17-Dec Richardscazy shouted:
Test, just a test

17-Dec CyrusRupyigo shouted:
Tragak, Vatras, Sanuyem and Ur-Gosh Zimbabwe

17-Dec AsaruAppeque shouted:
Surus, Seruk, Reto and Surus Aruba

17-Dec Fraserpes shouted:
Kasim, Abbas, Zarkos and Wenzel Nigeria

17-Dec IsmaelSaura shouted:
Benito, Nemrok, Jared and Marus Algeria

Server statistics

Alliances 44
Players: 825
Villages: 14,537
Population: 8,832,685
Last updated: 26-03-2012
Server started: 17-12-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 19-Mard. 26-Margrowthgrowth in %
01. Apparatus Didonticus Devils™1179117900.00%
1 thessaloniki intsiman ~RPE~1168116800.00%
BBQ omorfoula *s-crow*1165116500.00%
Mpatsaria Pharaoh 8Α81161116100.00%
ΠΕΡΙΒΟΗΤΟς @A@1129112900.00%
1.AARDVARKOHORI tasan CoMPANY1129112900.00%
` jkonstas CoMPANY1122112200.00%
meison meison °A°1116111600.00%
Kleopatra giatros Devils®1114111400.00%
diana diana @A@1114111400.00%
Corfu nvid @A@1114111400.00%
koromilia giannis1113111300.00%
1_mikro antonis1 3~NS~21111111100.00%
Γεντίκουλε mgs F-C1111111100.00%
giannis1988kolosos giannis1988 8Α81104110400.00%
MKLG1 MKLG F-WK1102110200.00%
ΤΡΟΜΑΡΑΣ ΤΡΟΜΑΡΑΣ *s-crow*1102110200.00%
1,1-ΕΓΟΚΟΓΕ Christix -=A=-1097109700.00%
kap kapo -=A=-1096109600.00%
01 pap ACAB1093109300.00%
*Alexander* Lance F-C1092109200.00%
ΝΤΕΝΕΚΕΣ thanos °A°1090109000.00%
carpe diem mariad CoMPANY1088108800.00%
Αργυρακης 7 argiris1088108800.00%
(06) Force kostis F-C1086108600.00%
ΤΑΥΡΟΣ 49 tayros 5 8Α81085108500.00%
Asfaleia Pharaoh 8Α81084108400.00%
e-stos konstavros ΝΑΥΤΕΣ1084108400.00%
GEA pap ACAB1083108300.00%
Αθήνα olumpus -=A=-1082108200.00%
A s k °A°1082108200.00%
Alexander The Great W4NTED -=A=-1082108200.00%
Αργυρακης 9 argiris1082108200.00%
01~EL LOCO~ sex -=A=-1077107700.00%
Crete pap ACAB1077107700.00%
= Xionati Kosplan °A°1076107600.00%
X-files ㋛ ταραντούλα -=A=-1074107400.00%
XIOS 13 tseroki CoMPANY1074107400.00%
1.ΖΗΝΑ ΖΗΝΑ F-L1073107300.00%
Νιχώρι mgs F-C1069106900.00%
asag3vill 1.05 vandoc ~RPE~1069106900.00%
stratovarious les paul 3~NS~21068106800.00%
a. ร๏๏t๏ק๏lเร mplekos -=A=-1067106700.00%
-SaItA vilage- saita A-WW1067106700.00%
02 NeDyLaNd 1 ΤΑΡΑΤΑΤΑΣ *s-crow*1067106700.00%
asag3vill 1.04 vandoc ~RPE~1066106600.00%
00.Πουά_πασχαλίτσα keravnos 1~NS1066106600.00%
x01 deris *s-crow*1065106500.00%
02.E.R.E. Aimovoros ACAB1065106500.00%
, spithogato F-L1065106500.00%