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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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19-Jun Abbaswrecy shouted:
Baldar, Alima, Reto and Grok Australia

19-Jun Sanfordphife shouted:
Givess, Ugrasal, Vibald and Brant Poland

19-Jun Kamaknouryinee shouted:
Tragak, Sinikar, Lars and Hamlar Sudan

19-Jun Kasimtosmeby shouted:
Yussuf, Luca, Tangach and Anktos Comoros

19-Jun Ashtonser shouted:
Silas, Silas, Grok and Thorald Uganda

Server statistics

Alliances 282
Players: 1,981
Villages: 21,465
Population: 13,080,031
Last updated: 15-09-2011
Server started: 05-05-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 08-Sepd. 15-Sepgrowthgrowth in %
fluip !!! rudyx77 C•B•C86386300.00%
09-Totoro Louva INSV77177100.00%
08-Strom Louva INSV80280200.00%
@9 bizou59 C•B•C78378300.00%
@15 bizou59 C•B•C66166100.00%
Crisis Phénix20 [BWT]61061000.00%
brest pimpomnette C•B•C1012101200.00%
Bersillix The belge PLF-71971900.00%
Hagane Miss Rowell C•B•C75775700.00%
Heiankyō Miss Rowell C•B•C1173117300.00%
empapaoue empapaoueteur JØkER74074000.00%
Achile-Land Achile44944900.00%
traz Tovarich53753700.00%
8mdm40 mdm40 ~TM~42142100.00%
Reve Reve ~P.A60060000.00%
jetequife neyretpierre L-N-D-G30930900.00%
.village HB fransevegas [~TøD~]99599500.00%
9yan yan48848800.00%
Destiné Oxyde357 [BWT]40140100.00%
1. Suze Wiper AST55055000.00%
Village de Luna Luna C•B•C1118111800.00%
14 - Ginger Kali INSV87587500.00%
29 *Daneel* Kardis -AN-88888800.00%
24. Le Belge BiG Xanthos -O-76876800.00%
25-Figaro bescito C•B•C76376300.00%
A10-La perse serialtotoxiwan PLF-85185100.00%
13-MAM Louva INSV65765700.00%
@1 bizou59 C•B•C78278200.00%
@16 bizou59 C•B•C60060000.00%
@8 bizou59 C•B•C85685600.00%
Naniwa Miss Rowell C•B•C92392300.00%
01~ISBANE Jessica ~LBD~59759700.00%
1 lloozz Cristal66966900.00%
olympe 1 cathdem -C-1164116400.00%
satanas freddy49 C•B•C1083108300.00%
potamix freddy49 C•B•C1065106500.00%
savanix freddy49 C•B•C1041104100.00%
18-6clone Louva INSV93793700.00%
roma befana35935900.00%
A jennifer C•B•C1364136400.00%
01*Ouragan Opal47547500.00%
Insurrection Wilsigh C•B•C98298200.00%
abrutix freddy49 C•B•C1027102700.00%
I-v1 UM-cpt price42642600.00%
.I. cmoiguigui NK626200.00%
16-Madrid Louva INSV96696600.00%
urbanix freddy49 C•B•C1062106200.00%
athenaix freddy49 C•B•C1054105400.00%
Zenpakto Zenpakto C•B•C1129112900.00%
A01.Ah strojoh47 C•B•C97197100.00%