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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 282
Players: 1,981
Villages: 21,465
Population: 13,080,031
Last updated: 15-09-2011
Server started: 05-05-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 08-Sepd. 15-Sepgrowthgrowth in %
°K°alme le jeu TonnyRosK B-d-J1480148000.00%
HB.021_Jex&Aux auxelles HB1447144700.00%
Fly2 Fly NK1426142600.00%
Caprica Caddarick ~*LCDF*~1392139200.00%
20 ♥Vero♥ picornifluge Kaamelot1383138300.00%
Ambre Caddarick ~*LCDF*~1381138100.00%
B02 - Evanescence Farmer D One Army1366136600.00%
!♥Liberta94♥! Bendu02300 NK1364136400.00%
A jennifer C•B•C1364136400.00%
THI B - 02 THI L.71360136000.00%
A06 - Rammstein Farmer D One Army1343134300.00%
A07 - Red Farmer D One Army1343134300.00%
B03 - Sirenia Farmer D One Army1343134300.00%
A04 - Nightwish Farmer D One Army1339133900.00%
1 ghotika ghotika GOTH1338133800.00%
B01 - Rise Against Farmer D One Army1333133300.00%
1d goll_goll NK1323132300.00%
A08 - Submersed Farmer D One Army1319131900.00%
A10 - Nickelback Farmer D One Army1318131800.00%
R.Onyra tictac NK1317131700.00%
A09 - Limp Bizkit Farmer D One Army1311131100.00%
01paradis asterixme CHB~BZH1299129900.00%
Rive de gier Sheetaan CHB~BZH1298129800.00%
01. D12 oups PLF-1295129500.00%
A05 - Apocalyptica Farmer D One Army1293129300.00%
BN - One way ticket Boney -AN-1291129100.00%
20 Caer Donn amshaggard Cool1288128800.00%
A02 - Skillet Farmer D One Army1276127600.00%
alèn-city lottus ~TM~1269126900.00%
acotersix otomoi OTOMOI1266126600.00%
A11 - Disturbed Farmer D One Army1262126200.00%
01*mimosas*01 norteuqinom C•B•C1261126100.00%
03 nout LP.H81260126000.00%
[v01] The One.€ kelen Cool1259125900.00%
Pifpaf 03 picornifluge Kaamelot1253125300.00%
Doum Doum One Army1249124900.00%
Krypton Kirk Kaamelot1245124500.00%
A 01 LBDLAND Mosqueton01 ~LBD~1242124200.00%
ROME 01 spene C•B•C1241124100.00%
[01] ArTicK -O-1241124100.00%
A12 - The Fray Farmer D One Army1239123900.00%
2- YAMOUSSOuKRO demsy NK1236123600.00%
05 Cdrix1 Pheedrix HB1236123600.00%
anduli uréthan Aganor ~LBD~1232123200.00%
Alda 04 otliman ~LBD~1231123100.00%
PQ lucifer15 PQ1231123100.00%
01-Fraise Twinz NK1229122900.00%
la mort1 tueur37 Kaamelot1229122900.00%
A01 fritig NK1226122600.00%
JØkER amilo JØkER1226122600.00%